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Turning a large oak bowl
By Curtis Turner
Round Rock, TX

A friend recently asked for my assistance in turning a large bowl. He knew he had a unique piece of wood, and wanted some advice on how to proceed. Even though the rough chainsaw marks obscured the real beauty, we could tell this was a very unusual blank.

Over the past year, Pete cut and stored the blank to dry, and filled a few voids with epoxy.The blank was still very heavy, but had dried without any issues...or so we thought.

Ed Hernandez' Holtzapffel Lathe
By Tom Frazer

At ten paces, E.C. "Ed" Hernandez' Victorian-era Holtzapffel ornamental lathe doesn't appear terribly impressive. Frankly, it looks somewhat like an oversized but spindly treadle-powered sewing machine connected by looping belts to an overhead dentist's drill.

Yet, this "ultimate Rube Goldberg contraption" crafted 110 years ago in London by John Jacob Holtzapffel enables Hernandez to create exquisite works of art and to continue a hobby once pursued in their leisure time by Louis XVI of France and Peter the Great of Russia.

Read more about the fascinating history of this Holtzapffel lathe:

Hollow Forms and Urns: a DVD by Mike Mahoney

Mike leads you step-by-step on how to create beautiful, well-crafted hollow forms and lidded urns. He demonstrates the basic hollow-form turning process with a section of the workpiece removed, allowing you to see inside the hollow form as the cutter is doing its work. He also covers some of the fundamentals of hollow form design.

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Easy Wood Tools Easy Hollower

As with the other popular new Easy Wood Tools turning tools, the full-size Easy Hollower allows turners of any skill level to achieve success without a long and time-consuming climb up the learning curve. It's great for hollowing vessels up to 5" in diameter.

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In this month's column, we have some beautiful turnings by Dean Griffith, an avid woodturner who says he was inspired by Norm Abrams.

Take a closer look at Dean's diverse collection of woodturnings!

wood finishing
Improvised Sanding Drum

I turn spatulas. The turning is simple enough but a sanding drum is needed to finish the flat sides. I didn’t want to purchase a stationary belt sander, because I have very little room in my shop, so I made a sanding drum out of PVC and high-density foam that is powered by the lathe. I used hard maple to plug the ends of the PVC and then mounted it on a faceplate and used the tailstock for stability.

Here's how I made it:

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