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Making a Stropping Slip
By Curtis Turner
Round Rock, TX

I continually try to improve my processes and methods to become a more skilled woodworker. But in one area, I have allowed myself to go unchallenged and haven't made improvements: maintaining a super-sharp edge on my curved carving tools. I finally had enough and decided I would turn a stropping slip with a handle.

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Turning Green Wood: Book Review
By J. Norman Reid
Delaplane, Virginia

Turning wood while it's still green presents a number of special issues that differ from those encountered when turning dry wood. On the plus side, green wood is relatively easy to turn and cuts well with sharp tools. It's easier to get thin, even translucent, walls with green wood. But on the minus side, the wood is especially prone to movement after turning as it dries, which can not only result in unplanned shapes but—worse—cracking that can destroy all the work devoted to shaping it. To counter this tendency, extra planning and mitigation steps are needed, which O'Donnell covers thoroughly in an organized, easy-to-follow manner. In the process, he takes the reader from harvesting through planning to turning techniques. The result is a complete resource on green wood turning.

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Lamp Auger Bit

The classic use for this auger is boring holes in turned lamp columns, but any spindle that needs a centered longitudinal hole is fair game. Assuming your lathe has a hollow headstock (or tailstock), and you're holding the workpiece with a hollow center, you simply insert the auger and gradually bore a hole to the depth you need, pulling back often to evacuate the chips. Available in 5/16" and 3/8" diameter.

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Turning Wood by Richard Raffan, 3rd edition

This classic has endured as one of our bestselling turning books since it was first published in 1985. In this completely revised version published in 2008, Richard Raffan shares new techniques on the art and craft of turning wood. We also offer Raffan's 2-hour DVD by the same name.

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wood turning Woodturner Resolutions

Well, it's 2013, time for those new year resolutions. Here are a few woodturning-specific resolutions I have tried over the years. What is on your list for 2013?

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