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Here is my Woodturning!

by Gene Russell
Warrensburg, MO

Note: click any picture to see a larger version.

A Birch natural edge bowl. This blank dried before I got it
turned, so keeping the bark attached and stablized
took several steps.

I started wood working when I was about 12, using my dad's hand saw and files. I've come a long way since then. Schools still had shop classes while I was in school and I took them all. I also was able to take a few college level woodworking classes.

My shop is currently located in Warrensburg, Missouri. I have a 500 square foot "Shop Cave" in the lowest level of our split level house. All but the top 6" of it is underground.

I've been turning, at a very minimal level for about 25 years, but I have really start concentrating on improving in the last 3 years. Until very recently I was just turning parts for other furniture. I really enjoy turning bowls out of the logs I've harvested.

I have mostly made furniture and small gifts. I have done a few complete kitchens and large built in case work.

​This is a Cherry wood bowl from a tree that had to be take
down on our property we had in Wisconsin.
This small vase was from Walnut out of
my grandfathers barn.
This is a Cedar container. My first turning with a lid.

I like using wood from trees that have died from natural causes or have to be taken down for some reason. I currently have some Oak, Elm and Osage Orange waiting to be turned.

​This is a piece of Elm I am currently turning. This bowl will
go to the person who provided me with several logs.

My oldest son is getting married this month. As part of the ceremony they will be putting a bottle of wine in a box to be opened at a later anniversary. I was asked to build the box. I was able to use the last of the Walnut from my grandfathers barn.

Here are a couple of pictures from the shop:

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