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Magnetic Pencil

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by Phil Colson

Seems I can never find a pencil in the shop. Need to mark something, or write a great thought that will make lots of money, and I can't find the (blank) pencil. I started to think:

"Where can I put the pencil so I'll always be able to find it? Next to my grinder? On the drill press table? On the top of my lathe? I know I'll buy a dozen pencils and put them all over the shop!"

Still doesn't work. I need the pencil to become obvious so I can see it. It needs to stick up in the air which is not normal for a pencil to do, but then I can recognize it right off.

Solution: Pop the eraser out of the metal end and glue in a couple of 1⁄4” magnets. When the pencil gets too short to sharpen I can drop it in some acetone and dissolve the glue and use the magnets on the next pencil. It works for me.

Phil can be reached directly via email at .

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