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How can I remove the old peel & stick sandpaper from my 4x36 - 6” disc? I bought the sander used and it looks like the sandpaper has been on there for years.


Two methods you can try: Soaking in solvent or using heat (but not both at the same time!)

If you can remove the 6" platter from the sander, place it into a pie plate of acetone and let it sit a few hours. Be sure you have adequate ventilation and are nowhere near an open flame. Use a sharp wooden wedge to scrape off the debris. You can cut a 45 degree bevel on the end of a 3/4" thick x 1" wide or so hardwood stick that is 6-8" long to create a good wedge. (A metal putty knife could score the platter if you were not careful.)

A non-solvent method you could try would be to use a hair dryer on high to heat up the platter while you use the wooden wedge to scrape the softened glue.


Ed Scent
Highland Woodworking

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