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Here's Our Stuff!

by Glen & Pat Bond
Eureka, MO

We moved to a wooded area southwest of St Louis, MO several years ago. There was a large beautiful maple tree to the side of the house - the construction must have stressed the tree and it died about three years later.

Glen has worked with wood most of his life, so he had the tree cut into lumber. To his surprise the tree had beautiful spalting in it. Pat wanted to make something special from it, so we built this storage bench. Glen used ebony plugs to cover the screw heads, which we thought accented the spalting in the wood.

Hiding the trash was made easy by building this replica of an oak ice box for the kitchen. The top lifts up and holds a 30 gallon bag.

One Christmas Glen made jewelry boxes as gifts. He used a varity of wood combinations and placements.

Living in the woods allows for many great finds, like this turned oak burl bowl. Glen also made the library table, lace wood sewing box, and cherry mushroom.

Finding a gift for our teenage granddaughter is always a challenge. We decided to make her a hope chest and put items in it from her grandparents and great-grandparent. It is made from local walnut and cherry.

You can email Glen & Pat at glen2pat@yahoo.com .

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