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Hello, I am trying to find an adapter/extension that will convert a 1/4" Router to work with 1/2" shank bits. Does such a thing exist?

Thank you.



While they may exist, they shouldn't. Any company with a product liability department would look down on making or selling such a device.

Routers with a 1/4" collet housing are designed to handle the mass and load of 1/4" router bits only. As you know, router bits with a 1/2" shank can have much larger profiles than bits that have 1/4" shanks. It is not safe to create a large profile onto a shank with only a 1/4" diameter. Now imagine an adapter with a 1/4" shank, that already has its own mass, and then allows an operator to chuck into the end of the adapter a router bit with a 1/2" shank (say a really large profile bit). Not only would there be a lot more weight spinning around, the weight is further away from the collet nut due to the length of the adapter device. Perhaps running a 1/2" diameter straight bit would not be so risky in such an adapter, but the manufacturer cannot control what kind of bit would be used in the adapter. It is simply a safety issue.

That being said, I have seen router collet extension adapters, but they are always 1/4" to 1/4" or 1/2" to 1/2".

If you think you are going to continue to need to use larger profile bits that only come in 1/2" shanks, you may want to seriously consider investing in a router with a 1/2" collet. You can of course still use your 1/4" router bits in a 1/2" collet router with a reducing bushing (most new 1/2" routers come with a 1/4" collet as well).

Ed Scent
Highland Woodworking


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