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Here's My Woodcarving!

by Chris Condon
Atlanta, GA

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I am a sculptor and customer here in Atlanta and get all my power carving tools from Highland Woodworking.

I have been carving stone for years and only for about the last 4 years have I been carving wood. I really enjoy combining both wood and stone. I love to physically work and rework a piece in different ways in the studio, often laminating, cutting, carving and even burning the materials in the process. This constant experimentation expands my vocabulary of materials. My pieces grow and change organically as I work them, adding and subtracting various materials.

The work I create is inspired by my observations of the flora and fauna that inspire me on a daily basis. I am drawn to nature's details, nuances, and subtleties, from a patch of mushrooms pushing up through the leaf litter to a colony of wasps building their nest layer by layer. Rendering the shapes, textures and colors of the natural world in my work, my sculptures sometimes manifest as abstractions or sometimes narratives that hopefully make the viewer more aware of the natural world that surrounds us everyday.

You can email Chris at or check out his website at .

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