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Here's My Woodworking!

by Jack Masten
North Creek, NY

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I taught industrial arts for thirty-one years in Saratoga Springs, NY. Woodworking was my major area. Since retiring in 1989, I have spent as much time as possible in my 20'x20' shop. It seems like every year I find myself working on different projects. Presently I am doing a lot of pen turning.

In the past 30 years I have carved 4 different rocking horses from a variety of wood types. All of the horses were a labor of love and were given to my children and friends. The original plans came from a set that I bought in 1979. The plans were developed by a Harpsichord builder in California for use in teaching beginning woodcarvers. The overall size of the horse is 32" long and 24" high, with 46" long rockers.

This is a miniature carousel horse that was a class project in one of my carving classes in high school. It was partially carved before it was totally glued up. I ended up giving it to the library in the Saratoga Springs New York High School.

This was the first horse I made. It is Adirondack white pine and stained walnut. I built it by laminating 2"x10" stock face to face for the body and the head and legs. I gave it to my oldest daughter who raised 2 children on it. It is still holding up waiting for her first grandchild who was born this summer.

This horse was made from laminated 3/4" boards of butternut to which I applied a clear finish. I gave the horse to a very good friend for his grandchildren. It lives in Grampa's house for special occasions. This friend was a student of mine who became a good friend.

This basswood solid tail horse was given to a grandson. Other than a loose ear it is still in great condition. I painted it with enamel.

This is a basswood horse with a real horse hair mane and tail. I was lucky to find 6" thick basswood for both of these horses. I made the saddles and reins from scrap leather. The eyes are taxidermy eyes. The manes and tails are real horse hair bought from a rocking horse supplier. This one belongs to the big guy riding it, my friend "Dukie"...

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