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I would like to make a wooden cremation urn and I have been to multiple sites with no information. If you have any information on this subject it would be greatly appreciated. I am really looking forward to attempting to build an urn and a video would really be helpful.


Jim Jarvis



Thanks for the interest in making a cremation urn. I have a couple of suggestions for you.

By "urn" I am thinking round. This makes me think of a woodturning operation. Hope you have a lathe!

We carry two DVDs that could be very helpful to you. The first is "Hollow Turning" by John Jordan. Excellent how-to video and is the way that I learned to turn hollow urns with lids. Jordan is the master in this regard.

The second DVD is by Richard Raffan and is titled "Turning Projects". In this DVD, Raffan demonstrates how to turn a hollow vessel (urn) in this DVD. He is also a master woodturner and one of the best visual teachers that I know.

We carry several books on vessel turning. These books tend to focus on segmented turning - a process where pieces of wood are glued together to form a finished piece with a complicated design. Think Southwestern Native American pottery designs, for example.

Here are the titles:

If woodturning is not an option, I guess that a book on boxmaking might be the answer. Let me know if this is the case and I can offer suggestions.

Hope this helps.

Thanks and happy woodworking.

Sam Rieder
Highland Woodworking


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