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Safety Tip: Loose Hair

Way back in 1975 I was working on a drill press. I had long hair but I wore it tied in braids secured at the nape with one braid on each side. Since it was cinched behind my head I felt I was safe.

While working on that drill press I looked down and to the right. My left side braid got caught in the spindle and I lost nearly all the hair on the left side of my head. I'm lucky I didn't lose my scalp!

When I was able to return to work (two full weeks) I had a hair cut and have never let it grow long again. It's not worth it.

Men and women with long hair (even medium length hair) need to know that simply putting it in a pony tail or braids is not sufficient for protection. One careless moment and that loose hair becomes a nightmare.

Loose hair, like a bracelet or dangling earrings is an accident waiting to happen.

Christine Brean

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