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Epoxy Putty Sticks

wood finishing

by Alan Noel
Professional Wood Finisher

In our restoration business we often take in furniture that is missing small pieces of wood molding. We also find missing moldings on lots of carved gilded frames, where the wood substrate has shrunk causing the plaster to crack and flake. In these instances, two part epoxy sticks are an ideal choice to make a repair.

These epoxy putty sticks can bond dissimilar materials together, adhering well to metal, glass, fiberglass, wood, ceramic, and itself. The epoxy putty is faster to use than carving a replacement molding from wood or making a wood Dutchman to fill a large knot hole. The putty can be molded into shape when mixed and once cured, it can be carved, sanded, drilled or painted. Dry pigment furniture powders can be mixed in to make custom colors.

Epoxy putty sticks work great on many types of missing wood repairs, even the simple ones, like a wallowed out screw hole. You simply cut a piece from the roll stick and knead the different colored A and B parts together until they become a uniform color. You can wet your fingers (or gloves) slightly with water to reduce sticking as you handle the mixed putty. It has about an 8 minute open time, is fully cured in about 20 minutes and will not shrink once dry.

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