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Painting Laminates

wood finishing

by Alan Noel
Professional Wood Finisher

While attending AWFS as a speaker this past July, one of the attendees asked if I would be interested in consulting with the company he worked for about coming up with new ideas for their solid surface product line. He pointed out that the solid surface material, widely known as "Formica," has been on the upswing in the manufacturing of many products. While touring the plant and seeing how these products were produced since the advent of "melamine," the upper most layer, I was struck as to the outstanding durability of this product. I was also enlightened as to how this product could be resurfaced or recoated with a few different materials.

Here are some tips:

  1. Water and oil based varnishes, epoxies, lacquers and high quality acrylic paints can be used.
  2. Clean the entire surface with trisodium phosphate and let dry.
  3. Sand the entire surface with 150 grit paper.
  4. Wipe the entire surface with a tack cloth.
  5. Prime the surface with a high quality primer designed to be used with your finish.
  6. After priming, apply at least two topcoats, sanding between coats.
  7. Topcoats of high quality materials will allow the surface to be scrubbed clean for years to come.

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