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Auriou Cabinet Rasps

Auriou Cabinet Rasp
Auriou Cabinet RaspAuriou Rasp Grain Sample
Auriou Cabinet Rasps
NOTE: The 12" Auriou Cabinet Rasp recommended by Charles Brock for chairmaking is the 12" 10 grain model

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Detailed Description

Auriou Cabinet Rasps

Cabinet rasps are the heart of the Auriou rasp line. They are used for general shaping work and can remove an amazing amount of wood while leaving a smooth surface. The extra width of cabinet rasps (about 1/8th of the length) makes it easier achieve a consistent surface over a large area. It generally works best to use a rasp 3 to 4 times as long as your workpiece is wide. To shape a cabriole leg, you would use a 10" or 12" rasp.

The top surface of a cabinet rasp is curved and the bottom surface is flat. The rasp retains its full width for about 3/4 of it's length, then tapers to a point.

Many woodworkers ask which Auriou rasps would be replacements for the venerable Nicholson® #49 and #50 pattern makers rasps. While there are no direct replacements for these in the Auriou line, those listed below are the closest matches.

Nicholson® #49 — Auriou 10" Cabinet Rasp 7 grain
Nicholson® #50 — Auriou 10" Cabinet Rasp 9 grain

If you are purchasing your first Auriou rasp, the 10" 9 grain cabinet rasp is a good choice for general woodworking tasks. For fine work or smaller workpieces, we recommend a Modellers Rasp. If you really need to remove a lot of wood quickly, try the Half Round Roughing Rasp, also known as " The Hog".

The 12" Auriou Cabinet Rasp recommended by Charles Brock for chairmaking is the 12" 10 grain model.

Auriou Cabinet Rasp Specifications
Blade Length Width Thickness Overall Length Available Grains
200mm (8") 23mm (29/32") 4.75mm (3/16") 325mm (13") 11 grain
225mm (9") 28.5mm (1-1/8") 6mm (1/4") 350mm (13") 10 grain
250mm (10") 32mm (1-1/4") 6mm (1/4") 375mm (15") 7 grain, 9 grain, 11 grain
300mm (12") 38mm (1-1/2") 7.56mm (19/64") 425mm (17") 6 grain, 8 grain, 10 grain, 12 grain

Auriou Rasp Detail

Auriou Rasps
Those who haven't used a well-made hand-stitched rasp have a revelation coming. Rasps are a mainstay for sculptors, patternmakers and chairmakers, but the aggressive cut and smooth finish left by these steel works of art will endear them to anyone who works wood. They excel at breaking up sharp corners, trimming patches flush in restoration work, and other wood-shaping tasks requiring finesse, control, and no risk of tearout; shaping bandsawn cabriole legs comes to mind.

Hand-cut Teeth
The teeth on ordinary machine-made rasps are stamped into shape with square leading edges and teeth arranged in regular rows. This tends to leave a telltale furrowed pattern on your workpiece. Auriou's rasps are "stitched" one tooth at a time by hand. Hand stitching produces sharp teeth in an irregular pattern. The triangular teeth, which resemble shark teeth upon close inspection, cut aggressively into the wood. The irregular pattern prevents furrowing. Auriou rasps are top-quality cutting tools that provide a superior finish.

Rasp blanks are shaped by forging and hammering rather than stamping. Any distortion caused by initial heat treating is corrected by more hand-hammering rather than grinding, and finally the blank is polished. The result is a cohesive structure in the steel body of the rasp making the teeth remarkably strong. While the teeth appear tiny and their pointed shape suggests delicacy, Auriou's manufacturing process assures durability. Still, we recommend you respect the cutting surfaces and store these rasps where they won't bang against other metal tools.

Auriou Rasps are graded for coarseness of cut in a unique system called grain (similar to grit in sandpaper). The grain scale runs from 1 to 15 - with 1 being the coarsest and 15 the finest.

Each rasp is stitched with the teeth at an angle to the handle so that it cuts comfortably in your natural cutting motion. As a result, each rasp is available in a right-hand and a left-hand version. Choose your rasp angle based on which hand you will use it in most.(i.e. Right-handed people would use a right-hand rasp.)

All Auriou rasps come with securely mounted 125mm (5") long walnut handles. Smaller rasps have handles with a 22mm (7/8") large diameter. Larger rasps have handles with a 28.5mm (1-1/8") large diameter.

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Product Warnings


This product may expose you to chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Please read our Proposition 65 warning.
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