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Benchcrafted Planing Stop

Benchcrafted Planing Stop
Benchcrafted Planing StopBenchcrafted Planing StopBenchcrafted Planing StopBenchcrafted Planing Stop
Benchcrafted Planing Stop
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Detailed Description

Benchcrafted Planing Stop

The planing stop is a traditional solution to a common woodworking problem — "How do you keep your workpiece from sliding across your bench when planing?" Before the advent of the tail vise, the planing stop was the most common solution to this problem. This simple device attaches to an adjustable block set in the workbench top. The saw tooth edge sits a little above the surface of the bench so it can grip, but stay out of the way of your plane. The teeth will grip most workpieces - even bevel down mitered boards - without slipping.


Benchcrafted's Planing Stop mounts to an adjustable stock set in the bench top. With a snug fitting stock, you'll be able to adjust the vertical position of the planning stop with a few mallet taps. The planing stop can even be set below the surface of the bench for unobsructed access to the entire bench surface.

The planing stop attaches to the adjustable stock using two screws and double-tapped barrel nut. This system holds the stop in place through even vigorous planing, while allowing for easy removal in case you need to sharpen the stop. (You'll acheive additional resistance to rotation by mortising the planing stop slightly into the stock, but it's not required.) Complete installation instructions below.

Tail Vise or Planing Stop

What about a tail vise? A planing stop will not replace a tail vise, but it can hold stock for many of the same planing operations where you might use a tail vise. In many operations, the planing stop is quicker, and easier to use than a tail vise. It's a good option for a bench without a tail vise or as a complementary fixture on a bench with a tail vise.

Note: Use a 3/16" Allen Wrench (Hex Bit) for the screws.

Additional Information

Benchcrafted Planing Stop Installation Instructions

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This product may expose you to chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Please read our Proposition 65 warning.
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