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How To Coil A Bandsaw Blade


Coiling Bandsaw Blades

Coiling or folding bandsaw blades is easier than you think. As with many apparently complex woodworking chores, complication arises from trying to assimilate or carry out too many steps at once. Taken one at a time, each step is almost childishly simple and easy to accomplish.

Therefore, we'll try to show you, one step at a time, an effective way to fold bandsaw blades. We suggest that you compel yourself not to read ahead. Read just one sentence; do what it says until you're comfortable, then read the next sentence. You can do everything very slowly; speed is neither necessary nor helpful when coiling a bandsaw blade. A death grip doesn't help either. If you squeeze the bandsaw blade too hard it will bite you back, so hold it lightly.

Learn How To Fold A Bandsaw Blade:

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