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Festool MFT/3 Multi-Function Table

Festool MFT/3 Multi-Function Table
Festool MFT/3 Multi-Function TableFestool MFT/3 Multi-Function Table - BasicFestool MFT/3 Multi-Function Table - MiniFestool MFT/3 Multi-Function Table - Conturo
Festool MFT/3 Multi-Function Table

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Festool MFT/3 Multi-Function Table

A solid workbench is critical to most, if not all, cutting operations and assembly work. The inability to move the workbench from the workshop to the jobsite can be limiting. The Festool Multi-Function Table (MFT) system is the most versatile, flexible and economical solution. Festool's MFT Table is designed to integrate with other components of the Festool system.

Integrated side rails and a perforated work surface create a variety of clamping options allowing you to place your workpiece in the most comfortable position for sanding applications. Make precise, repeatable cuts using TS Series Plunge Cut Saws, Trion Jigsaws and OF Series Routers. When cutting with you track saw, the table surface provides splinter protection on the back side of the cut. Don't worry about cutting into the top, that's what it's designed for. If you wear out one section of the top you can remove and rotate of flip the top before you need to replace it. You can also move the guide to a cleam spot on the table to make the most of each perforated plate.(That's what Festool calls the top.)

Used in the standing configuration, the MFT is very stable. All four feet are rubber coated to protect the floor in your workspace and keep the table from moving. One of the feet adjusts to stablize the table on uneven floors. The MFT can also be used low on the floor with the legs folded under if you just need to make a few cuts.

Festool offers an selection of accessories for the MFT including: screw clamps, quick clamps,clamping elements, connectors to join two tables together and crossmembers for additional stability.

MFT/3 Multi-Function Work Table - Standard

The standard MFT/3 is our most popular Festool MultiFunction Table. It comes with the Adjustable stop, Angle unit (protractor head), Fence rail, Fence rail clamp, 42" (1080mm) Guide Rail, two guide rail supports and the hose deflector. It's equipped with everything you need to make precise, repeatable cuts using a Festool Track saw. Of course, you can also use the guide with your Festool router or jigsaw. The Angel unit and prtractor head are easily removed to clear the surface for other operations.

MFT/3 Multi-Function Work Table - Basic

The Basic Table is the same as the standard MFT/3, but without the cutting guides. Use this table if you need a sturdy work surface without the saw guide or if you want to expand the size of your work table by connecting with the standard table.

MFT/3 Multi-Function Work Table - Conturo Set

The Festool MFT/3 Conturo Table Set is a specialized version of the Multi-Function Table that is designed just for the KA 65 Conturo Edge Bander. Mounting the Conturo in the MFT/3 table makes it easier to edge small batches, straight edges and beveled edges. The mounted Conturo can be swivelled from 0-47° and locked in place.

If you already have an MFT/3 Table, you can adapt it for use with the Conturo by replacing the table top with a Conturo Table Insert and adding a Conturo Adapter Plate

MFT/3 Mini Multi-Function Work Table - Kapex

Festool MFT3 Mini Multi-Function Table is designed specifically for use with the KS 120 EB Kapex Sliding Compound Miter Saw. The table features additional holes in the perforated top plate for positioning the feet of the Kapex and for mounting with clamps or the optional Kapex Mounting Kit. The MFT/3 Mini is 4-5/16" (110mm) shorter than the standard MFT/3. When the Kapex Miter Saw is mounted on the MFT/3 Mini, its table is at the same height as a standard MFT/3 so you can use a standard MFT/3 for additional support when cutting long stock on the Kapex.


Standard, Basic & Conturo

  • Table Height (Standing): 35-7/16" (900 mm)
  • Table Height (Legs Folded): 7-3/32" (180 mm)
  • Dimensions: 45-9/16" x 30-7/16" (1157 x 773mm)
  • Work Surface: 43-3/8" x 28-1/4" (1102 x 718mm)
  • Maximum Workpiece Depth: 27"
  • Load Capacity: 260 lbs.
  • Weight: 62lbs. (28kg)
  • Max. working width (w/ Guide Rail): 27-9/16" (700 mm) — Standard MFT/3
  • Max. workpiece thickness (w/ Guide Rail): 3-1/16" (78 mm) — Standard MFT/3

Mini Kapex

  • Table Height (Standing): 31-1/8" (790 mm)
  • Table Height (Legs Folded): 7-3/32" (180mm
  • )
  • Dimensions: 34-7/32" x 22-7/8" (869 x 581mm)
  • Work Surface: 32-1/16" x 20-11/16" (814 X 526mm)
  • Load Capacity: 260 lbs.
  • Weight: 42lbs (19kg)


Due to Festool policy, Highland Woodworking cannot ship Festool products outside the U.S. Any Festool order that we ship requires a U.S. shipping address.

Product Warnings


This product may expose you to chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Please read our Proposition 65 warning.

For more information, see

See Festool's Proposition 65 warning.

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