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Hand Drills

Hand Drills are elegant solutions for simple drilling tasks and in certain situations a superior choice over power drills. Craftsmen prior to the invention of power tools could accomplish any furniture building task with a quiver of hand tools which would certainly include the trusty hand drill and bit brace. Today consider a hand drill when you need that extra bit of control for delicate or precision drilling at that critical step in your project. Hand drills are also great tools for pre-drilling and drilling into wood prone to splitting. Consider using a bit brace when drilling in dense material or for drilling larger, deeper holes - the extra torque will help you drill more easily and power through. We offer German hand drills from Schroeder and many other manual drilling tools, so don't think of these tools as old fashioned, think serious woodworking hand tools. Checkout their cousins the Spiral Ratcheting Screwdrivers another useful traditional hand tool.

Hand Drills
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Bit Brace
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