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Japanese Chisels

Japanese Chisels have pros and cons over western style chisels but we believe a few good quality Japanese Chisels will enhance any hand tool collection. Japanese chisels are typically harden to a higher degree than most western style chisels. This combines with laminated-blade design to provide superb sharpening and edge holding characteristics - these chisels get super sharp and stay that way. We offer top Japanese Chisels from brands Iyoroi and Kumagoro. Japanese Chisels branded "Iyoroi" or more recently "Ioroi" are both authentic chisels by Master Ioroi made in Miki Japan. With no exact transliteration of the Japanese name possible, the original Iyoroi brand has evolved to include Ioroi. With any Japanese chisel take extra care when handling, even the sides are sharp!

Japanese Chisels for sale through the individual chisels and sets listed below.

Japanese Chisels
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Iyoroi Mortise Chisel 446404
Iyoroi Mortise Chisel
Price: Starting at $49.99
Iyoroi Dovetail Chisel 446426-28
Japanese Iyoroi Dovetail Chisel
Price: Starting at $49.99
Iyoroi Cabinetmaker's Chisel 446408-14
Iyoroi Cabinetmaker's Chisel
Price: Starting at $49.99
Kumagoro Chisel 146611-23
Japanese Kumagoro Chisel
Price: Starting at $29.99
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