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Knew Concepts Woodworker's Aluminum Fretsaw Mk3 & Mk4

Knew Concepts Mk 3 Woodworker's Aluminum Fretsaw
Knew Concepts Mk 3 Woodworker's Aluminum FretsawKnew Concepts Mk 3 Woodworker's Aluminum FretsawKnew Concepts Mk 3 Woodworker's Aluminum FretsawKnew Concepts Mk 4 Woodworker's Aluminum FretsawKnew Concepts Mk 4 Woodworker's Aluminum Fretsaw
Knew Concepts Woodworker's Aluminum Fretsaw Mk3 & Mk4

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Detailed Description

Knew Concepts Woodworker's Aluminum Fretsaw Mk3 & Mk4

These American made fretsaws are a favorite of fine woodworkers, jewelry makers, artisans, metal-smiths, luthiers, model builders, serious home hobbyists and “makers” of all types. Woodworkers find these handsaws excel at cutting out the waste on hand cut dovetails, for fine scroll / curved cutting and for general small scale sawing tasks.

An innovative truss structure creates a very rigid frame without adding a lot of weight. The light weight makes them comfortable and easy to handle, so you can cut with improved accuracy. The unique blade mounting system lets the blade seat firmly at 90 degrees for straight-ahead cutting and also rotates, angling the blade, which provides the frame's back more clearance (useful when sawing the baseline of a dovetail).

The amount of blade tension is easily adjusted with a large knurled knob, while a unique cam lets you apply or release blade tension instantly with the simple flip of a lever.

The 5" fret saw is the most popular size for removing dovetail waste.

What's the difference between Mark 3 (Mk3) & Mark 4 (Mk4) saws?

  • Mark 4 saws generate much higher blade tension. All three sizes are designed to pull 50-60 pounds on their blades. Mark 3 saws pull from 20 pounds (in the 8") to 50 pounds (for the 3"). The Mark 3 saws generate significantly more tension than ordinary fret saws, but not as much as the Mark 4 saws.
  • Mark 4 saws are milled from 3/16" thick aluminum stock and have a red powder-coat finish. The shiny baked-on finish is more durable and scratch-resistant. Mark 3 saws are milled from 1/8" thick aluminum stock and have a red anodized finish.
  • Mark 4 saws allow the blade to swivel through a full 360 degrees, with stops every 45 degrees. Mark 3 saws only allow the blade to swivel 45 degrees in each direction.
  • Mark 4 saws are about 50% heavier than Mark 3 saws. (See the chart below for details.)
  • Due to the significant improvement in Mark 4 blade tension, the 8" deep Mark 3 saw has been discontinued.
Knew Concepts Fret Saw Weights
Mk3 Mk4 Titanium
3 " 4.6 oz
(130 grams)
6.7 oz
(190 grams)
5.8 oz
(165 grams)
5 " 5.1 oz
(144 grams)
8.0 oz
(226 grams)
6.5 oz
(184 grams)
8 "
9.8 oz
(278 grams)
7.4 oz
(210 grams)
Knew Concepts Fret Blade Tension
Mk3 Mk4 Titanium
3 " 55.5 lbs 60.0 lbs 74.7 lbs
5 " 40.0 lbs 54.0 lbs 64.4 lbs
8 "
58.4 lbs 27.8 lbs

Which saw is the right one for you?

If you want the lightest weight saw, go with the Mark 3. If you want more tension, go with the Mark 4. If you're looking for the ultimate tension in a lighter saw than the Mark 4, get the Titanium Birdcage Fret Saw


Each Knew Concepts fret saw comes with a single #7 skip tooth - 15 TPI blade.

Important Note:

Knew Concepts Fret Saws use premium 130mm (~5 inch) scroll or fret type blades with plain ends. They are compatible with our Olson Scrollsaw blades. Other blades may not be compatible with Knew Concepts Fret Saws. A #5 12.5tpi skip tooth blade is recommended for removing dovetail waste.

Read Derek Cohen's review of the Knew Concepts Mk 3 fretsaw

Additional Information

Knew Concepts Lever Tension Release Instructions

Knew Concepts Screw Tensioning Instructions


Knew Concepts Mk 3 Woodworkers 5" Fretsaw

Product Warnings


This product may expose you to chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Please read our Proposition 65 warning.
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