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Plastic Scraper Blades

Plastic Scraper Blades

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Detailed Description

Plastic Scraper Blades

Plastic razor blades scrape grime, glue and other shop scum without collateral damage to your tools and projects. They make excellent small putty knives and epoxy squeegees. Although safer than steel razors, they're sharp enough to remove dried paint from windowpanes and glue dribble from woodwork. (We recommend waiting until the glue is semi-hard to avoid additional squeeze-out.)

We have found the orange blades to be very good at removing glue residue from Festool Guide Rails when replacing the Splinterguard.

Blade Materials (and colors)

Orange general-purpose blades flex somewhat to conform to curved surfaces like windshields and tool handles. They can be used safely on painted surfaces, wood and fabric. They are ideal for use on softwoods like pine. Orange is the softest blade and has medium flexibility and best chemical resistance.

Blue polycarbonate blades are for use on tough, uneven surfaces. They can be used on fiberglass, metal or wood. Blue is the most flexible blade and has medium hardness and chemical resistance.

Yellow rigid blades are mostly for hard, flat surfaces. They are used mostly for glass, marble, granite, metal and unfinished wood. In our tests, one rigid blade readily scraped paint from both sides of a double-hung, insulated windowpane without scratching the glass. They are ideal for use on hardwoods like oak and maple. Yellow is the hardest blade and has low flexibility and chemical resistance.

Blade Packs

We offer plastic razor blades in packs of 25 with a blade holder (orange, blue, yellow and an assortment pack). We also offer them in packs of 100 (orange, blue and yellow) without the blade holder.

Please Note: Blades are color-coded for different uses. If you're ordering a package of blades with a holder, the holder may vary in color and has no impact on the performance of the blade.

Product Warnings


This product may expose you to chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Please read our Proposition 65 warning.
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