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Starrett Pro-Site Miter Protractor

Starrett Pro-Site Miter Protractor - 505A-12
Starrett Pro-Site Miter Protractor - 505A-12Starrett Pro-Site Miter Protractor - CP505A-12 - FrontStarrett Pro-Site Miter Protractor - CP505A-12 - BackStarrett Pro-Site Miter Protractor - 505A-7Starrett Pro-Site Miter Protractor - 505P-Starrett Pro-Site Miter Protractor - CP505E-12
Starrett Pro-Site Miter Protractor

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Detailed Description

Starrett Pro-Site Miter Protractor

Cutting miters accurately is always a challenge. Eachtime you measure a wall angle and calculate a saw setting, there's potential for error. Starrett's Pro-Site Miter Protractors take the angle calculations out of cutting inside and outside miters, angled butt joints and crown molding. They'll help you create perfect joints every time.

Closeup of Starrett 505-series Dial
Starrett 505-series Dial
Basic 505-Series Protractors

All three models of the basic 505-series protractors are functionally the same. For cutting a simple miter or angle joint, the saw settings are directly on the tool - use the inside scale & outside arrow for miters and the outside scale & inside arrow for single cuts. If you're cutting crown molding flat on the table of a sliding compound miter saw, measure the angle and use the provided guide chart to set the bevel and miter angles.

What are the differences between the 505-series models then?

  • The 505A-12 is a hefty 12" long by 2-1/2" wide by 1/4" thick chunk of aluminum (each leg). It will stand up to the rigors of just about any jobsite. It's made in the USA.
  • The 505A-7 is also aluminum, but it's only 7" long. It's just as tough as it's bigger brother, but it's small enough to fit in your apron pocket. It's made in the USA.
  • The 505P-7 is plastic version of the 505A-7. It fits nicely in your pocket, but probably won't stand up to the tough environment of a jobsite. It's perfect for the home woodworker or DIY home improver. It's made in China.

See the video below for a demonstration of this protractor.

CP505A-12 5-in-1 Protractor

The CP505A-12 is an improved version of the basic 505A-12. Made from aluminum in the USA, it's also 12" long. It does all of the same things that the 505A-12 does, but has added these features.

  • The back has an additional protractor that reads 0°-180°-0° & 180°-0°-180°.
  • The crown molding chart is mounted on the inside leg of the protractor so you can never misplace it.
  • The inside of the other leg also includes a quick reference guide for setting standard roof pitches.

CP505E-12 Electronic Protractor

The CP505E-12 takes all of the functions of the CP505A-12 and fits them into one electronics-enabled tools that eliminates all charts and calculations. Crown molding is a breeze. Set the spring angle of the crown molding, measure the wall angle and the tool will tell you the spring & miter angles with the touch of a button! It doesn't have the crown molding or roof pitch charts, but that's just because you don't need them! All of the calculations are done for you.

The CP505E-12 includes a nylon case/holster and instruction sheet.

See the video below for a demonstration of this protractor.


Starrett 505-series Miter Protractors

CP505E-12 12" Electronic Protractor

Starrett 505-series Miter Protractors

505P-7 Protractor as demonstrated by Ron Hazelton -- the fastest, easiest and the most accurate way to crown molding. This new approach to crown molding helps user get rid of bevel gage and the confusing calculations. Starrett 505P-7 Protractor measures the angle of the wall and indicates the miter angle without any calculations! The prcodures are the same for the 505P-7, 505A-7 & 505A-12 protractors.

CP505E-12 12" Aluminum Electronic Combination Protractor

The Starrett CP505E-12 Electronic Combination Protractor simplifies crown molding work and and virtually eliminates errors, Featuring Ron Hazelton.

Additional Information

Starrett Crown Molding Guide for the 505A-12, 505A-7 & 505P-7

Starrett Crown Molding Guide for the CP505A-12

Product Warnings


This product may expose you to chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Please read our Proposition 65 warning.
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