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Timbermate Water Based Wood Filler

Timbermate Water Based Wood Filler

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Detailed Description

Timbermate Water Based Wood Filler

Timbermate Wood Filler is without equal in the world of interior grade wood fillers and nail hole putties. Their proprietary blend is made without solvents and contains no acrylic or latex. This allows it to be freeze proof and heat proof. Should it dry out because you left the lid off overnight, simply add a little water, stir and it’s reconstituted back to as good as new. You’ll never have to throw out unused wood putty again!

Timbermate won’t shrink, crack or fall out of voids. You can drill it, nail it, screw it, plane it and route it. Drying fast, in about 20 -30 minutes, it will sand beautifully without clogging your paper. If desired, speed the drying with a hair dryer or heat gun – it can take it. You can intermix colors and tint as you please with water- or solvent-based colorants. Once dry, it takes stains of all types and can be top-coated with water based and oil based finishes.

Use it as a grain filler on open grained woods by thinning with water. With no binder, you can even reverse its application, until you seal it with a curing topcoat. Get some, use it, put it on a shelf in a non-climate controlled garage and forget about it. Then, when the cows come home and you’re needing it again, it’ll still work! Timbermate won’t make you look 20 years younger or run a four minute mile, but this Australian made wood filler is impressive nonetheless.


Packages are listed by net weight.

  • 8 ounce is approximately 1/4 pint.
  • 4 pound is approximately 1 quart.
  • Will not shrink, sink, crack or fall out.
  • No waste – easily reconstitutes with water if dry. Indefinite shelf life.
  • Can accept nails, screws, sawing, drilling and routing.
  • Multiple uses: spot, trowel, and grain filler.
  • Takes stain like real wood.
  • Freeze/thaw stable.
  • Mixes with oil or latex tints, dyes and stains.

Color Chart

Please Note: Colors shown are a guide only. Actual filler will differ from how you see it on screen.

Australian Cypress/Teak Cherry Mahogany Maple/Beech
(Tint Base)
Red Oak Ebony Walnut
White White Oak Alder

Additional Information

TimberMate Wood Filler SDS

TimberMate Wood Filler Infomation Sheet


Timbermate Water-Based Woodfiller Highland Woodworking Product Tour
A 5 minute product tour by Matthew Morris for Highland Woodworking.

Introduction to TimberMate

Timbermate Water-Based Woodfiller - An Overview
This is a 13 minute long comprehensive guide.

Product Warnings


This product may expose you to chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Please read our Proposition 65 warning.
For more information, see

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