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Woodworking Safety Tips Map

Tips to help you improve woodworking safety in your own shop.

Woodturning Safety
The Clothespin Tip
A Few Woodturning Safety Tips
4 Tips for Turners

Table Saw Safety
Planning the Cut
Using a Sliding Table
No Gloves on the Table Saw
Foot Switch
A 20th Table Saw Safety Tip
Cutting Plywood
Table Saw Safety Precautions
Rehearse the Cut
An Extra Hand
Spinning Blades
Hand Positioning Technique
Red Stripe Tip
Bandsaw Safety
The Dangers of Blade Spin Down
The Running Bandsaw
Adjusting Bandsaw Height
"The Red Zone"

General Shop Safety
Left hand caution light
Incandescent Task Lighting
Cutting Small Parts Safely
Fire Extinguishers
Long Sleeves
Clear the Floor
Loose Hair
Unplug Your Power Tools
Storage and Fire Safety
Working Alone
Rotary Tools
Setup Safely
Phone Distraction
Trying a New Technique
Accessible Push Sticks
Material Safety Resources
The Boy Scout Test
Safety Placards
Read the Manual
Shop Visitors
Unexpected Shop Guests
Unwanted Shop Guests- An Alternative
Avoid Getting Startled
Shop Visitor Distractions
Timed Knock
Visitors Approaching

Shop Mindset Safety
Quit While You're Ahead
When to Quit for the Day
Focus on the current project
Leave Your Stress Outside the Shop
Having a Clear Head
Chain of Decisions
Think of Your Follow-Through
Planning Ahead of Your Cut
When to Walk Away
Be Confident, Not Overconfident
Be Alert and Communicate
Afternoon Slump
The Cozy Chair Tip
Feeling Lightheaded?
Just Think!
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