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Woodworking Tool Kit for Kids
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Detailed Description

Woodworking Tool Kit for Kids - A Child's Tool Set With Real Tools

Over the years we've been asked numerous times if we carry children's tool sets. Unfortunately most of the tool sets commercially marketed for children are more like toys than real tools, and they either tend to break, or are unusable to begin with. Like learning to play music on a cheap instrument, working wood with poorly constructed tools will soon frustrate even the most ambitious student.

We recommend buying quality, age-appropriate tools. Even if you purchase professional class tools, your investment can still be modest, as demonstrated by our 12-piece Highland Woodworking Tool Kit for Kids. It contains real tools of a quality that will serve any woodworker, and we've selected them based on what is needed for the kind of woodworking projects that kids are likely to undertake.

Included also iis an excellent books containing 15 projects to help your kid get started right away. This entire collection of tools and projects is perfect for stimulating your kid's innate creativity.

A Note About Safety

As rewarding as woodworking is, it is also inherently dangerous. Tools are not toys. Adults must closely supervise children. As a parent you are personally responsible for learning proper woodworking techniques and teaching these skills to your children. Time spent crafting with kids is a great joy, so use good judgment and keep it safe.

Tools and Materials

Tools for children must work right out of the box without modification. Only a minimal amount of skill should be necessary to put the tools into service, and they need to fit small hands. The tools contained in the Highland Woodworking Kids' Tool Kit meet these standards, and are suitable for kids 7 years old and up with adult supervision. As for materials, stick with softer woods like white pine and basswood. These woods are inexpensive, easy to work and readily available at any home center.

THE HIGHLAND WOODWORKING TOOL KIT FOR KIDS includes the separate individual tools & items shown below

  • Safety Glasses — An absolute must for kids and adults
  • Portable Workbench Vise — Holds the wood steady while you work on it. This one mounts temporarily on any table
  • Coping Saw — Perfect for children. Blades are replaceable and inexpensive
  • Hand Drill — Hand drill with four bits that's safe and easy to use
  • Surform Pocket Plane — Smooths and shapes wood fast, fits small hands, and the cutter is replaceable and does not need to be tuned or sharpened
  • Combination Square — A versatile square for accurate work, also doubles as a level
  • 6-foot Tape Measure — one of our favorites
  • Small Hammer — Perfect size for a kid to use driving nails
  • Titebond Wood Glue — This yellow glue sets fast
  • Rubber Bands - Use them as clamps while the glue is drying
  • Sandpaper — Assorted grits for smoothing surfaces and rounding sharp edges
  • BOOK: Easy Carpentry Projects for Children — 15 easy wood projects for kids 7 & up

Product Warnings


This product may expose you to chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Please read our Proposition 65 warning.
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