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Z-Saw Dozuki Saw

Z-Saw Dozuki Saw with Replaceable Blade
Z-Saw Dozuki Saw with Replaceable BladeZ-Saw Dozuki Saw with Replaceable Blade
Z-Saw Dozuki Saw

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Detailed Description

Z-Saw Dozuki Saw with Replaceable Blade

Z-Saw Japanese Dozuki Saws have precise .3mm thick high-carbon steel blades. The teeth are precision ground and impulse hardened for long life. The rattan-wrapped wood handle is lightweight, fits neatly in the hand and provides a good grip. With the thin kerf, sharp teeth and pull stroke action, it's easy to make straight cuts with Z-saws.

Blades are replaceble and interchangeable. (As long as it's the same length. You can't put a 240mm blade on a 150mm saw.) Blade changes are simple, with no hardware or tools needed.

Tooth Pattern

Z-saw offers Dozuki saws in two tooth patterns. Hardwood saws have 21 teeth per inch (21tpi) and are optimized for cutting in hardwoods like mahogany, oak and walnut. Fine saws have 25 teeth per inch (25tpi) and are optimized for clean cuts in softwoods like douglas fir, cedar and pine. Both saws are suitable for cutting dovetails, tenons and other joinery.

Blade Size

Saws with the same tooth pattern cut the same way - no matter the length. However, that doesn't mean the length is irrelevant. Generally, longer is better. With a longer blade you can take fewer long, smooth strokes. This usually results in a smoother, straighter cut. In some cases, the extra length of a long saw makes it unwieldy for smaller projects. You'll want the cutting length of your saw to be at least four times the thickness of the material you cut most. If you're cutting tenons on a 2" thick workpiece, you'll be much happier with the 9-1/2" saw. If you're cutting dovetails in a box, you'll probably be happier with the 6" saw.

The only hard restriction when choosing saw size is the depth of cut. The 6" long saw has a 1-1/2" maximum depth of cut. The 9-1/2" saw cuts up to 1-15/16" deep.

  • Common
    • Hardwood Blade Tooth Count —1.2mm/tooth (21tpi)
    • Fine Blade Tooth Count —1.0mm/tooth (25tpi)
    • Blade Thickness — .3mm (.012")
  • 150mm - 6" Saws
    • Cutting Length — 150mm (6")
    • Maximum Cut Depth — 38mm (1-1/2")
    • Overall Length — 372mm (14-5/8")
    • Handle Length — 190mm (7-1/2")
  • 240mm - 9-1/2" Saws
    • Cutting Length — 240mm (9-1/2")
    • Maximum Cut Depth — 50mm (1-15/16")
    • Overall Length — 535mm (21-1/16")
    • Handle Length — 270mm (10-5/8")

The teeth are impulse hardened and cannot be re-sharpened.

Made in Japan.


Z-Saw Hardwood Dozuki Saw

Product Warnings


This product may expose you to chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Please read our Proposition 65 warning.
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