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Story Boards for Wood Finishing Tip
By Alan Noel
Professional Wood Finisher

Way way back when I first went into the finishing business there were no computers to keep track of or to collect information, nor cell phones to take pictures. It became evident that I would have to find a way to collect info on various finishes and new techniques I would learn along the way. This was made very clear to me when a client asked me to duplicate a painted finish I had applied to her furniture in the not so distant past.

No brainer right? Not so fast…..here are some tips:

  1. Never take for granted that you will be able to remember everything.

  2. A story board will give you the info you need so no mistakes are made, however.

  3. The story board has to be done on a piece of scrap of the same wood, even painted finishes.

  4. Every step has to be applied to the board with written info for future duplication.

  5. Since the line-up of finishes and stains/dyes does change from time to time you will have to make an adjustment with another product.

  6. Most colors fade and most finishes yellow over time.

  7. If the finish has faded or yellowed the story board will still be the place to start.

  8. By using story boards you may find a better way to get there or discover a new technique along the way.

  9. You will never regret creating story boards…after 32 years it's still the way to go.

  10. Sometimes our story boards have matched a finish we didn't create, saving us both time and materials.

Alan can be reached directly via email c/o Alan Noel Furniture Refinishing at anoelfurniturere@bellsouth.net.You can also visit Alan's website by CLICKING HERE.

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