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Between 1977 and 1991, 29 paper issues of Wood News and WOODMAN were produced and distributed to Atlanta customers of King Hardware and Highland Hardware customers nationwide. This newsletter was the precursor to the electronic version of Wood News as it exists today. We've enjoyed looking back at some of the stories and woodworkers we featured within its pages and we hope you will too!

Note: Prices and product offerings are obviously not current - this is a record for historical purposes only.

Wood News (published at King Hardware)
December 1977 - May 1978
The first 3 issues of Wood News were published before Highland Hardware even came into existence. In 1974 Chris and Sharon Bagby, then recent Georgia Tech graduates, became managers of King Hardware Company's branch store on Piedmont Avenue in Atlanta. By coincidence this King Hardware store happened to be a dealer for the Shopsmith combination woodworking machine.

As the Bagbys found ways to increase Shopsmith sales, and after introducing the sale of hardwood lumber, the store began to attract a growing community of woodworkers. In 1977 the Bagbys and their staff published a 4-page newsletter they called Wood News. Response to it was enthusiastic. They published two more issues before deciding in 1978 to resign from King Hardware and start their own hardware store.

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Wood News #01
December 1977

• First issue!
• Some General Information
about Wood

• Atlanta Woodcarvers
Wood News #02
Feb/Mar 1978

• Different Kinds of Wood
• The Story of Shopsmith
• How to Build Your Own
Furniture: Book Review

Wood News #03
Apr/May 1978

• Welcome to the
Home Show

• Wood Joinery
• Black Walnut Notes

Woodman (published at Highland)
December 1979 - November 1980
Shopsmith was beginning to open its own retail stores nationwide and told the Bagbys they were not interested in making Highland Hardware a Shopsmith dealer. However they soon connected with Garrett Wade Company of New York, the U.S. importer of Swiss-made Inca Tools, and in 1978 began selling Inca tablesaws, bandsaws and planer-jointers. A side-benefit of becoming an Inca dealer was the opportunity to purchase wholesale any of the hand tools in Garrett Wade's vast and beautiful catalog. Highland Hardware quickly became a local Atlanta source for Record and ECE hand planes, Marples chisels, Tyzack handsaws and many other fine woodworking tools. They also continued to sell hardwood lumber and established a small millwork shop in the basement of the store.

In 1979, becoming aware of a growing demand for woodworking classes, Chris published the first issue of Woodman, "A Newsletter Devoted to the Woodworker and his Craft," in which the first two Highland Hardware seminars were announced. Four more issues were published in 1980, announcing new classes and advertising the store's growing line of woodworking hand and power tools.

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December 1979

• What is a Woodman?
• Hardwood Lumber
• FWW Design Book
Two: Book Review

February 1980

• Cabinet Scraper Seminar
• Woodworking Surveys
• Tage Frid Teaches

May 1980

• Carvers' Day
• World Woodworking
Expo '80

• Plane Making Seminar
July/August 1980

• Plane Makers Seminar
• Woodworker Survey Results
• World Woodworking
Expo '80

Oct/Nov 1980

• New Seminars
• Ian Kirby
• World Woodworking
Expo '80 Review

Wood News
Paper version published at Highland

February 1981 - Winter 1991

In 1980 two women wrote letters saying "How about a better name than WOODMAN? THE WOODWORKER perhaps. Many people are offended by the exclusion of women in the woodworking world. The sexist title promotes this exclusion."

By this time King Hardware was in decline and had ceased publishing a newsletter using the name Wood News. After first trying to rationalize keeping the name Woodman, Highland's owners jumped at the opportunity to reclaim the old name. After publishing the first 5 issues under the name WOODMAN, they renamed their publication Wood News. Wood News continued to be printed about twice a year as a supplement to the annual Highland Hardware mail order catalog.

Highland Hardware evolved to become its own importer of fine tools and began to develop a wide following nationwide with a reputation as a leader in woodworking education. In 1992, the company decided to merge the newsletter into the catalog and thereafter began publishing three catalogs a year. Wood News as a separate entity was no more, until 2005 when it was resurrected on the web as Wood News Online , where it continues to be published monthly.

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Wood News #06
February 1981

• Back to Wood News
• Quarter Sawing
• Japanese Waterstones
Wood News #07
Fall 1981

• Education Notes
• Design Trip
• Guild Show
Wood News #08
Winter 1982

• Bob Kelley Seminars
• Japanese Tool Seminar
• Bandsaw Comparison
Wood News #09
Spring 1982

• Workbench & Vise
• Waterstone Sharpening
• WATCO Finishing
Wood News #10
Fall 1982

• Setting the Japanese

• Shoji Seminar
• Watco Stains &
Oil Finishes

Wood News #11
Spring 1983

• Restoring Wright's
1895 Skylight

• East Meets West
• Waterstones
Wood News #12
Fall 1983

• A Perspective on
Hand Tools

• Roy Child on
Turning Tools

• Vise Addiction
Wood News #13
Spring 1984

• Finishing Tips
• Predicting Wood

• Boatbuilding
Wood News #14
Summer 1984

• Highland's New

• Dovetail Design
• Perfecting the
Steel Plane

Wood News #15
Spring 1985

• Wallace MacFarlane &amp Treen
• Jig for Wide &
Deep Mortises

• Trammel Rod for
Squaring Cabinets

Wood News #16
Fall 1985

• Hustling Wood
• Michael Dunbar:
A Plane for Chair Bottoms

• Systematic Tool Storage
Wood News #17
Spring 1986

• Toolmakers of Miki
• Turning a Chalice & Paten
• The Pleasure of
a Plane Iron

Wood News #18
Fall 1986

• Charles Hutchison Profile
• Adjustable Mortising Jig
for Your Router

• Commodity, Firmness
and Delight

Wood News #19
Spring 1987

• Hot Stuff
• Bowl Turning with
the Superflute

• Emile Dufrene Profile
Wood News #20
Fall 1987

• The Maloof Joint
• Bandsaw Alignment
• Ed Hernandez's
Holtzapffel Lathe

Wood News #21
Spr/Sum 1988

• Tips on Tuning
Your Bandsaw

• The Well-Tempered
Router Table

• The Dovetail Story
Wood News #22
Winter 1989

• Instant Gratification
• Stationary Tool Q & A
• European Workbenches
Wood News #23
Spr/Sum 1989

• Bowl Turning with a
Side Ground Gouge

• The Art of Chip Carving
• Easy to Build Work Horse
Wood News #24
Winter 1990

• I'm a Toggle Believer
• How Much Dust
is too Much?

• Sam Maloof
Wood News #25
Summer 1990

• Life Beyond Sandpaper
• Sharp Edges the Easy Way
• The Jointer
Wood News #26
Winter 1991

• A visit with Tage Frid
• Sharpening Carving Gouges
• Learning to Build Furniture

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