I am trying to make whirligig hubs that are 3/4 x 3/4 x 3 inches, plus they have a diagonal cut in each end of the hub for the wings of the whirligig. The diagonal cut is what I cannot do. Can you suggest how to safely cut them with repeatable accuracy?


Sounds like a fun project.

Here is my suggestion for cutting the diagonal slots for the whirligig wings:

The safest, most effective way would be to mark all the diagonals on the ends of the hubs with a pencil and then make the cuts with a hand saw. You did not say how thick the wing will be, and this factor will dictate the set and thickness of the hand saw (or vice versa). The slots will all be the same width (as a result of the saw kerf) and the wings should fit snugly.

An equally effective method would be to use a scroll saw if you have one. This method will probably require more than one cut to achieve the desired width of the slot, but it will be a safe and easy way to solve the problem.

Hope this helps, and be sure to send us a photo of the finished project.

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