Here's My Stuff!

by Harold Burrows
Williston, TN

When I took down a 600' weathered, lichen covered three board cypress fence I made a few pieces for a relative's Wyoming cabin. In addition to a lamp table, I made a wall coat rack and coffee table/bench.

woodworking tools
woodworking tools

In 1987 I inherited a piece of repaired soapstone, probably originally from a washstand. About that same time I tried my hand at making dentil build-up molding and fabricated it to fit under the soapstone. The soapstone and molding laid around my shop for twenty-two years until I finally designed and made the walnut cabinet to fit under the molding. I prefer my own designs over project plans. The walnut I used had been in my workshop for more than thirty-five years. Who says I'm a procrastinator?

woodworking tools
woodworking tools

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