Here's My Shop!

by Ed Grant
Ulster, PA

I built my shop 12 years ago using native hemlock, some of which came from our own farm. The 23 x 32 foot shop features insulated walls finished with sheetrock and windows salvaged from an old elementary school. The shop is heated in winter by a wood stove and cooled in summer by a through the wall air conditioner.

My dust collection system is powered by a 1½ horsepower blower that blows directly into a collection trailer located outside of the building. Without the filter bags it has more than enough power to service the whole shop. Sawdust gathered in the trailer is readily used up in the barn as bedding.

I live in an area where rough sawn lumber is plentiful. The attic of the shop, which was designed to have plenty of headroom, is used primarily to store and dry lumber. It takes about a full year to dry to about 8 percent. In the front of the shop sliding doors provide a 10 foot wide opening to load/unload large articles and provide easy access to the stairs leading up to the attic.

As you view photos of my shop, please note the large windows. There are a total of five windows that let in enough light that with even my old eyes I only use lighting on the darkest days.

My woodworking varies from the smallest box to large china cabinets and desks. I try to have at least one “cash” job going all the time to pay for “necessities”, but I will never turn down the chance to build something different.

Having moved several times in my lifetime, I have had many shops. Some in basements, some in garages. I have found that one of the pleasures of having a shop is the developing and perfecting of that shop. It’s a never ending process that reflects the talents and personality of the craftsman.

I hope you enjoy the photos of my shop. The floor is not always clean and the benches not always clear. But it is used and loved.

woodworking tools woodworking tools
Sawdust Collection Trailer Main Work Area
woodworking tools woodworking tools
Lathe and Mortise Height Adjustable Setup Bench
woodworking tools woodworking tools
Woodworking Bench Upstairs Storage

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