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Women in Woodworking II: More Power Tools Women in Woodworking II: More Power Tools

Saturday & Sunday
Nov. 11 & 12
9:00am to 5:00pm
Class Size: 8
Tuition: $260
Item# 991454

This weekend class is especially designed by Sabiha Mujtaba & Heike Müller to expand your knowledge of hand and stationary power tools. Learn to use the planer & jointer, employ rabbets, miters & miter jigs while creating a multipurpose lidded box. It is recommended that you take "Women in Woodworking: The Basics" prior to this class.

Hand Cut Dovetails with Jim Dillon Hand Cut Dovetails with Jim Dillon

Saturday, Nov. 18
Class Size: 8
Tuition: $75
Hands-On Workshop
Item# 991475

Hand cut dovetails are among the most admired joints in woodworking, due to their exceptional strength and enduring beauty. Jim will show you that with a few simple tools, proper layout and a sharp pencil you can cut quite functional, if not beautiful, dovetails. You'll go home with a fine little pencil box.

Antique Mortise and Tenon by Hand with Jim Dillon Mortise and Tenon by Hand with Jim Dillon

Sunday, Nov. 19
Class Size: 8
Tuition: $87
Hands-On Workshop
Item# 991476

In this exploration of hand joinery, Jim will coach you through the cutting of the mortise and tenon with hand tools only. You'll cover the basic joint, traditional variations, tuneup of tools, repairing mistakes, and incorporating power tools for a hybrid hand/power approach that gives speed and accuracy while still providing excellent results.

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Alan Noel's Finishing Corner

Alan Noel Hidden Treasures

How many times have you bought an item only to find another in your shop later that has been around a while but forgotten?

Sometimes the simplest tricks can help you get your shop in order and keep you from buying items you already have. Plus, in the process of cleaning up, you're bound to find some hidden treasures you tucked away and forgot about or that got buried in the clutter!

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Meet the Lucky Winner of Highland Woodworking's Tormek Giveaway!

Highland Woodworking Tormek Giveaway Winner!

We are pleased to announce the winner of Highland Woodworking’s amazing Tormek Giveaway! The event generated a lot of excitement and we received thousands of entries. The winner of our giveaway was randomly selected by computer from all valid Internet and mailed entries. Charles B. Frye of Virginia is our very surprised winner!

Mr. Frye was so shocked when we called to notify him that he was rendered speechless. Luckily, by the time we received his Acceptance Form and Publicity Release he had found his voice and was able to chat with Doug Hall.

Read Doug' interview with Charles Frye

See photos of Charles Frye's Homemade Tractors & Machinery!

Secretary Desk by L. Johnson

Ask the Staff

E-mail us at woodnews@highlandwoodworking.com with your woodworking or finishing questions. Selected questions will be answered in future issues. If your question is selected for publication, we'll send you a free Highland Hardware hat.

Question: I am a beginning woodworker but have managed to construct a secretary desk and I don't want to ruin it when I start trying to finish it. I have attached a picture of it so you can see that I have spent quite a bit of time on it. It is made out of red oak lumber that I had sawed from a large red oak tree that fell in my back yard. I have been letting it air dry for almost 18 months, stacked neatly under a shed.

I think I want to darken it slightly, maybe a Minwax Early American or Provincial. I would like advice on using filler, something like your Bartley Paste Wood Filler, or something similar, and if it is recommended to use it, when is the best time, before staining, or after? If the filler goes on first, does it absorb the stain the same as the wood? Any hints, tips, or suggestions will be appreciated, so that I will know what to buy.


Three Ways to Resaw

Employee Contribution

Three Ways to Resaw
by Chris Black

As with any job, there's usually more than one way to do it. Instead of learning a specific technique, it's better to understand the principles behind the task, so you can problem solve when things don't work out. Resawing is the same way. You learn one method only to find out it doesn't work today on this piece of wood with this particular blade. Having a couple of techniques and understanding the principles of resawing will give you options during different circumstances.

The following methods assume a well-tuned saw, proper blade selection and a certain amount of skill. I highly suggest practicing these methods on scrap wood rather than on something you're depending on for a finished project. For further reading I recommend Mark Duginske's Bandsaw Handbook (200393).


Highland Woodworking New Kind of Power Tool Giveaway!

New Highland Woodworking Giveaway!

Computers are everywhere these days, but few woodworkers have realized their value in the design & layout of projects from the simplest jewelry box to the most complex piece of furniture. Highland Woodworking is now giving you the opportunity to win a new kind of power tool to take your woodworking to a new level!

Visit the Highland Woodworking website and enter for a chance to win an 15" Apple MacBook Pro with software to run Mac AND Windows, an OtterBox Rugged Laptop Case, SketchUp Pro design software and a $100 Highland Woodworking Gift Certificate! Valued at over $3000 !

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Magswitch Featherboards

New! Magswitch Featherboards!

Magswitch Featherboards use an ingenious rare earth magnetic device to tenaciously attach themselves to any cast iron or steel machine surface. In the off position, the polarity of two stacked magnets oppose each other allowing the device to be moved to any position. Rotate the switch to the on position, and the magnets align and activate to stick themselves to your tabletop.

Magswitch Featherboards offer the benefits of traditional featherboards with much more flexibility. Available models include Magswitch Table Featherboard, Magswitch Pro Table Featherboard, optional Magswitch Pro Vertical Featherboard attachment, and Magswitch Pro Fence Featherboard.

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Highland Hardware Gift Certificate

Perfect Holiday Gift Idea!

Don't know what to give the woodworker in your life this holiday season? Skip the guesswork and give them what they really want! You can't go wrong with a Highland Woodworking Gift Certificate - it's the present that's bound to be appreciated, even by the woodworker who has everything.

Printed on real wood veneer, our gift certificates may be redeemed in the store, online, by mail or by phone. Available in the denomination of your choice.


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