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Turning an Axe Handle Turning an
Axe Handle

By Curtis Turner
Round Rock, Texas

I happen to like using axes. I know, strange isn't it? Perhaps it is the simplicity of an axe that I find intriguing. Of course, I like the direct connection of hand tool to wood. A quality axe is a thing of simple beauty. So what do the romantic notions of axes and hatchets have to do with woodturning? Well, the lathe can be a practical way to make a replacement handle.

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Bone Headed Tips Bone-Headed
Woodturning Tips

Daniel A. Metzler
Key West, Florida

About 30 years ago, I was very new to woodturning. A friend was moving out of town and wanted to leave his old 12" Delta lathe in my garage. I had an extra few feet of space between the front of the cars. He gave me a one hour lesson on how to use it, as well as some tools. Thus began my adventures in woodturning...

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Turning Green Wood

Turning Green Wood

Turning green wood can be an awesome delight. You can usually find green wood for free; long wet shavings will pour off your turning tool; and there's no end to what you can create, with plenty of emphasis of course on making all kinds of interesting bowls.

This book covers how to harvest the wood to achieve the grain pattern you want, along with how to handle moisture content, shrinkage, distortion and splitting. Covers all the tools and techniques, and also details 6 different green turning projects.

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Wave Sanding Starter Kit

Wave Sanding Starter Kit

Wave Hi-Performance sanding discs are highly durable open-coat abrasives that are great for sanding your turnings. The abrasives remain bonded, resist loading, and stay sharp longer. Unique to the Wave system are their "wave" discs, with crenellated edges that flex smoothly and virtually eliminate swirls and sharp edge cuts on the inside of turnings.

The kit includes a disc holder with 1/4" mandrel; hard, soft, and extra-soft innerface pads, and 10 Wave discs each in 80, 120, 180, 220 & 320 grits.

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This month we are featuring the bowls and vases of David A. Mallory, as well as a reproduction of his mother's fold-down desk from the 1800's that features two shelf supporting spindles.

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woodturning tips The Foam Tip

Last month's tip generated the most email I have ever received, but it wasn't about the nut of the tail stock, it was my mentioning foam and the bandsaw.

Here it is, the foam tip:

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