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I would like to add some bench dogs to my workbench. I built the top of my workbench from a piece of a bowling alley lane, and would like to either purchase or make my own dogs. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

Thank you.
Joe Tomeo


Dear Joe,

I would suggest that you use round bench dogs. They are easy to find and we stock several different choices.

Square dogs usually require that the angled square holes be made prior to the assembly of the bench top itself. I understand that your top is already in one solid piece.

We have a European workbench with round bench holes here in the store and the holes are 3/4" in diameter and spaced about 4" on-center.

My advice to you is to purchase the bench dogs and have them in your possession prior to drilling any holes.

Hope this helps,

Sam Rieder
Highland Woodworking


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