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Here's My Stuff!

by Alex Entelis
Chestnut Ridge, NY

For the past 4 years I worked part time in a wood shop making and fixing all sorts of things for people. In my spare time I made toys for my son. When other people started noticing my toys I was encouraged to make some for a Christmas sale. It was a huge hit. The following year I had my own table at the sale.

Going into business, I was a bit skeptical at first since there were already so many wonderful wooden toys out there. But my designs were in full demand for their unique shapes. And since this is a custom shop, I can change my mind and remake toys as I please.

All of our toys are made from mostly recycled wood. That means I spend one day a week going to many local lumber yards to pick up discarded wood scraps. I sort them out in my shop and then come up with toy ideas. My wife and son are a big help with ideas. If we can't have fun with a toy, we don't make it. I love what I do - woodworking really is the best form of therapy. I am constantly challenged, creatively and physically pushed to the limit.

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