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Here's My Woodcarving!

by Chris Adkins
Atlanta, Georgia

Click on any picture to see a larger version.

I don't do a lot of carving but thought I would send in a box I built that I carved a tree for the top. I call it my Tree Box...yea I know it took a while to come up with the name!

I really don't consider myself a carver and my woodworking tends to take me many different directions. Growing up I was always taught to build what you need and I have carried this over into my adult life. My father and grandfather were also woodworkers so I was involved in woodworking at a very early age. As a general contractor in Atlanta as my day job, I don't get to do much work with my hands anymore and enjoy spending whatever moments I can in my shop at home. I have always had a curiosity for how things are made, so when I see something I have to try and figure it out and build it myself.

The tree box was a 1 day project that started out as just practicing cutting a few dovetails. I modified the design as I went and decided to add the tree carving last. The basic shape was cut out with a scroll saw and I then used a combination of hand carving and a dremel tool with a carving bit to get the final shape.

I have attached a few pictures of some of my other work. The one that I will say a little about is the ABC cube. I made it for my youngest daughter last year for Christmas. The box is made of Maple, Oak, and Chestnut. It has her initials on three of the sides and date of birth on the other three, I also added bb's before glue up so that it acts as a rattle.

You can email Chris at highrockwoodworking@gmail.com or check out his website at highrockwoodworking.com . Chris is also the founder of The Modern Woodworkers Association .

Would you like to see your carvings in this column? We invite you to SEND US PHOTOS of your favorite woodcarving projects along with captions and a brief history of your woodcarving. (Email photos at 800x600 resolution.) Receive a $50 store gift card if we show your carving work in a future issue!

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