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I have to finish an entertainment center in black (what a waste). Can I mix General Finishes WB Ebony Dye with Hydrocote ? Woodcraft wants to use General Finishes water based finish, but I'm partial to Hydrocote(and it costs less). Will that work?




You may be able to tint Hydrocote with the GF Dye. Both products are water-based and have acrylic resins. You need to do your own tests to check.

Take a few ounces of the top coat and mix in a measured amount of the dye (to the color tone you seek).

Apply it to some test pieces. If it levels out, dries smooth, and keeps the color locked in (you still may need to topcoat with a clear coat or two of the Hydrocote to fully lock down the color), it will probably be OK.

Know your methods / know your results = finishing happiness.

Relying on a sales or tech person's word that compatibility is fine (with product from two different manufacaturers) is a recipe for potential problems.


Ed Scent
Highland Woodworking


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