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Here's My Woodcarving!

by Jacko

Click on any picture to see a larger version.

My name is Serge Jacob. I'm 49 years old and I live in Belgium. My day job is as a mechanic in the Belgian Airforce, where I work on small training airplanes (Marchetti). I'm also a mechanic on the aerobatic team (The Belgian Red Devils ), where I have found my inspiration to make several of the devil wood sculptures you see below. They are specially made for my team and my friends.

My woodcarving hobby started 3 years ago , after being inspired by all of the wooden sculptures I saw wherever I travelled. I bought my first tools, which I believe were Pfeil, which at the time were the best ones to get. The first pieces of wood that I carved were limewood, which is very soft and easy to carve.. The first carvings I made were not very nice, and therefore I started to buy some books online. I found out that Chris Pye was a top carver in UK, so I used his books as my learning school.

My carving tools.

I started to train myself on every piece of wood that my friend would give me. I was able to make some pretty nice carvings, so I expanded my abilities and began to make my first Totem (tikis):

The tikis were really fun to make and I ended up keeping the Tiki God for myself (2nd photo). I gave the other 54 away or to friends who wanted specific ones. Some of them ended up better than others, and I was able to sell the better ones, and with that money I bought new and more specialized tools. With the better tools, I delve deeper into my carving hobby and started to become well-known. I keep getting better every year and I am happy to make things for people that they'll keep forever.

Going along with the idea that every great carver has a
board on their door (joking). This was
my first training for making letters.
My first try making a box, a plan I found on the internet.
I made this for my son to give him good luck in life
Made this for my bird-loving friend who is a carpenter. I ask
him a lot of questions about wood and woodworking tips.
He also gives me some of the wood they throw away and
some of the pieces end up being really nice scraps!
Made this for a bird lover who has owls at home. This was
the first of a series of birds I made, so there are mistakes,
but the more I make them, the better they get.
A board i made for the pilot of the team, Nr4. I was his
Crew Chief for 3 seasons before he left the team.
A very special board i made for the airshow in Salon de
Provence, home base of Patrouille de France. They invited us
there for their 60th anniversary.
I love the celtic style and wanted to make a celtic carving
to be able to show off in my home.
Specially made for dog lovers as gift..
Me in our team outfit, holding 2 of my devils. Everyone is
really enthusiastic about my totems.
Specially made sign for my friend who sells antiques
and Brocantiek.

I hope you all like my style. I know I'm a beginner, but every day I get better and better!

You can email Jacko at bs176232@skynet.be . You can also visit his Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/serge.jacob.902

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