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Drawknives are used primarily for rough shaping of green wood, such as in the making of chair parts or tool handles. The Draw Knife is also quite efficient at removing bark from logs to be resawn. Drawknives are customarily used at the shaving horse, but may also be used with the workpiece clamped in a large vise. We stock a complete collection of Drawknives, from Flexcut made in the U.S.A. to fine hand forged drawknives made by Auriou, Barr, Gransfors Bruks, Mueller and among other fine tool brands. Selecting the best Draw Knife for you and your woodworking needs can be daunting. To understand the nature and use of the Draw Knife check out a highly instructional resource Chairmakers Notebook by Peter Galbert which provides an in-depth study of chairmaking and includes many detailed chapters on the Draw Knife.

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Barr Hewing Drawknife 129693
Barr Hewing Drawknife
Price: $226.50
Hirsch Scorp - 3 inch
Hirsch Scorp - 3 inch
Price: $100.00
Narex Drawknife
Narex Drawknife
Price: Starting at $99.00
Hirsch Inshave 125302
Hirsch Inshave
Price: $84.00
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