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Love of Turning Sharing the Love of Turning

By Curtis Turner
Round Rock, TX

This Christmas season, I had the wonderful experience of teaching my oldest son to turn. I have looked forward to this opportunity for a long time. It was a strong sense of passing on a unique skill from father to son that appealed to me the most. However, I knew it was important that my eagerness did not trump good judgment. There are two important elements that should converge prior to teaching young children. One, they should be at about 12 years old and have the maturity to listen, understand and develop safe practices. You should be the ultimate judge of readiness. However, the following simple guidelines will serve as a good starting point.

CLICK HERE to find out Curtis's simple guidelines:

Temple Beverage Series Turning with Temple: Porch Posts

By Temple Blackwood
Castine, ME

In the spring of 2012, Scott Vogel, approached me for some help renovating his contracting and real estate office building. He needed help with repairs to the existing porch columns and turning two additional new columns to provide the additional support needed for the sagging apartment floor above.

CLICK HERE to see how they were made:

Tormek T-7 Grinder

Tormek Wet Grinders
on Promotion

Tormek's wet grinding system lends itself well for keeping the sharpest edge on your turning tools.

Right now both the original full-size model T-7 and the smaller, less expensive T-3 are each on special promotion that includes the convenient RB-180 rotating base at no extra charge.

The T-7 40th anniversary promo runs while our limited supply lasts.

The T-3 offer runs until Jan. 31, 2014.

An optional accessory for both models is the TNT-708 Woodturner's Kit that includes several items especially useful for woodturners.

Tormek T-7 Grinder

Tormek T-3 Grinder

TNT-708 Woodturner's Kit

Flex Arm Magnetic LED Work Light

Flex Arm Magnetic LED Work Light

This new product is great for conveniently shining light exactly where you need it. It will serve woodturners well, especially while turning bowls. The 28" gooseneck flexible arm provides pinpoint positioning, and a switch-activated magnetic base securely holds onto steel and iron surfaces. The long life (approx. 50,000 hours) 8 watt LED bulb gives a neutral white light while providing nearly 800 lumens, but producing only a fraction of the heat of an incandescent bulb.

CLICK HERE to purchase:

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This month we are featuring Fred Warshofsky's pieces, which are first turned on a lathe and then hand-carved.

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woodturning tips Making the Perfect Tenon

Understanding your chucks ability to hold a tenon or recess is of great importance. This month, Phil discusses how to make the perfect tenon or recess, and how easy it is to do so.

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