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The Dovetail Variations with Roy Underhill CLASS: Dovetail Variations
with Roy Underhill, Oct. 18

For a full Sunday this October, at our store in Atlanta, Roy Underhill, Host of the long running PBS series The Woodwright's Shop , presents "The Dovetail Variations" – a day of dovetails, from the familiar to the vaguely disturbing! From half and full blind to the impossible miter­ended rising dovetail skirt joint (whew!), Roy will explore the keystone element of joinery in a range of surprising forms and functions.

The Dovetail Variations
with Roy Underhill, October 18

Highland's Upcoming Woodworking Class Schedule in Atlanta

Many classes fill up quickly, so please register now to make sure we hold a spot for you.

Oct 10 Finishing 101
Oct 14 Natural Edge Bowl Turning
Oct 18 Roy Underhill- Dovetail Variations
Oct 21 Taming the Skew
Oct 25-29 Cabinetmaking Basics
Oct 31 Beginning Turning
Nov 4 French Polish Workshop
Nov 5 Timber Framing
Nov 10 Hand Planes
Nov 11 Finishing the Finish
Nov 14-15 Build a Shaker Style Candle Box
Nov 18 Sharpening for Turners
Nov 21 Hand Cut Dovetails
Nov 22 Bandsaw Basics
Nov 24 Hand Tool Sharpening

Classes Suitable for Teens

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Woodworking Projects | Frank Zemberi Show Us Your Woodworking!

This month we are featuring the woodworking projects of Frank Zemberi, who is 70 years old and enjoys making Santa sleighs, reindeers, and grandfather clocks.

CLICK HERE to see Frank's projects:
Woodcarving Projects | Blair Swing Show Us Your Woodcarving!

This month we are featuring the carving projects of Blair Swing, who has carved a 12" replica of Marvin the Martian, which earned him an Honorable Mention at this year's Texas State Fair.

CLICK HERE to see more of Blair's Carvings:
Tips From
Sticks-In-The-Mud Woodshop

Sticks in the Mud Workshop Tips By Jim Randolph
Long Beach, MS

This month Jim shares a tip on leaving shop reminder notes for yourself to keep track of your projects, as well as a money-saving tip on labeling your shop trash cans.

CLICK HERE to read this month's tips from Sticks-In-The-Mud Woodshop!
Woodworking Tool Catalog

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Ask the Staff

Question:  Can pure or polymerized tung oil be applied over an existing, fully cured oil finish?

For more details and the answer, CLICK HERE:

E-mail us with your woodworking questions. If yours is selected for publication, we'll send you a free Highland Woodworking hat.
L'Art du Menuisier - The Book of Plates
by Andre Roubo

The Book of Plates Review by
J. Norman Reid
Delaplane, VA

Once again, Lost Art Press has come out with an exceptional offering, this time a complete compilation of the plates that illustrate Roubo’s massive 18th century undertaking, L’Art du Menuisier . Translated, the title means the Art of the Cabinetmaker. The plates themselves display furniture, of course, but they go far beyond that in scope and include much more than what modern woodworkers would consider cabinetmaking. But beyond the contents themselves, this large volume is simply a pleasure to hold and a treasure to own.

CLICK HERE to read more:

Earlex Sprayport
Earlex 6000 Series HVLP SprayPort

By Jeffrey Fleisher
New Market, VA

This month, Jeff reviews the Earlex Sprayport , which is the perfect compact finishing sprayer to have in your workshop, whether you are a small professional shop or a serious amateur woodworker. In his review, Jeff explains the different parts and features of this sprayer, and how they all come together to produce the perfect finish for your project.

CLICK HERE to read Jeff's review:

CLICK HERE to find out more info on the Earlex 6000 Series HVLP SprayPort:

An Evolution in Light An Evolution in Light

By Neil Murphy
Haiku, HI

What do you get when you combine beautiful vintage hardwoods and contemporary lighting? You get the beautiful pieces made by Neil Murphy, who incorporates both form and function into his projects - the beauty and grain of the hardwoods most notable in daylight, and at night-time, the color of the light diffused as a result of the shape and placement of the piece.

CLICK HERE to read more:

Safety Tip Banner

This month, we're sharing Bob Clement's safety tip on making sure you always use sharp blades on your tools.

CLICK HERE to read more:

Do you have a 2 Minute Safety Tip you would like us to share? If so, we invite you to EMAIL US and if we use your tip, you'll get a $25 store credit!

Leigh Router Table Jig
NEW Leigh RTJ400 Router Table Jig
Leigh's joinery jig is designed specifically for use on router tables. Able to produce through dovetails, half-blind dovetails and box joints quickly and easily, the RTJ400 offers instant adjustment of joint tightness down to a thousandth of an inch.

CLICK HERE for more info:

FREE SHIPPING on Leigh Jigs in lower 48 states

Leigh Jigs Our Leigh Dovetail Jigs and Frame Mortise and Tenon Jigs will turn your shop into a cabinet factory.

CLICK HERE for more info:

Save up to $200
Several models of our ever-popular European and German workbenches are now on sale. Choose the model that fits your shop and budget.

CLICK HERE for more info:

Inside This Issue
Highland Woodworking Open House
Book Review: The Book of Plates
Video of the Month: Brushless Sanders
Tips from Sticks-in-the-Mud Woodshop
Show Us Your Shop
The Down to Earth Woodworker
An Evolution in Light
Tool Review: Earlex Sprayport
Build an Improved Marking Gauge
Video: Tormek T4 Sharpening System
Woodworking in America 2015
Blog: How Clean is Your Workshop?
Finishing: Removing Mold
Show Us Your Stuff
Show Us Your Carving
SAFETY: Sharpened Tool Blades

Show Your Shop!

For this popular monthly column, we invite you to SEND US PHOTOS of your woodworking shop along with captions and a brief history and description of your woodworking. (Email photos at 800x600 resolution.) Receive a $50 store credit if we show your shop in a future issue.

Show Us Your Shop!

This month we are featuring Oliver Apitius' workshop in Shelburne, Ontario, Canada.

CLICK HERE to see more of Oliver's shop:
Down to Earth Woodworker Banner

By Steven D. Johnson
Racine, Wisconsin

Dust Lubricant

Tack Cloth Replacement

People Watching

Epic Stupidity

Steven Johnson Picture This month, Steve discusses dust as a shop lubricant, the benefits of using microfiber cloths, people watching in furniture stores, and why multi-tasking can sometimes lead to epic stupidity!

CLICK HERE to read more:
Half Price Clearance

Finishing Wood with Alan Noel

wood finishing Removing Mold

This month Alan shares his steps for removing mold from both the finished and unfinished areas of your furniture.

Here are TEN steps to remove mold:

This Month on
The Highland Blog

Poll: How Clean is Your Shop?

In our first polling blog entry, Jim Randolph asks "How Clean is Your Workshop?" He also shares his experience on keeping his shop clean and organized.

CLICK HERE to answer our poll:

Improved Marking Gauge Build an Improved Marking/Cutting Gauge

By Chris Black
Rolesville, NC

Most of us would agree that an adjustable fence gauge is an essential layout tool for fine woodworking. Typically gauges are divided into two categories: cutting and marking. Most folks wind up with one of each type or purchase a metal, wheeled gauge. The gauge discussed in this article employs a unique cutter that works similarly to a wheeled cutter, but in a traditional wooden frame.

CLICK HERE to learn how to build your own:

Woodworking in America

Explore the Sights and Scenes of WIA 2015

We sent 5 of our Highland Woodworking employees to Woodworking in America 2015 this past September in Kansas City, MO. We reconnected with a lot of our vendors in the Marketplace and participated in several classes with woodworking greats like Roy Underhill and Jeff Miller. We documented a lot of our experience in blog entries and photos and have combined them for your viewing pleasure.

CLICK HERE to read the highlights of WIA 2015:

CLICK HERE to view our WIA Photo Album, Part 1:

CLICK HERE to view our WIA Photo Album, Part 2:

CLICK HERE to watch our WIA 2015 Overview Video:

Product Tours and Demonstrations available on our YouTube Channel!

Check out the great product tour videos and demonstrations on our YouTube Channel . Our good friends Morton, David, Matt & Steve demonstrate some of our most popular products for your benefit in these tours.
Click below to watch a product tour of the Tormek T-4 Sharpening System with Steve Johnson and find out how this system can easily sharpen almost every tool in your collection.

Tormek T-4 Sharpening System Product Tour

Tormek T-4 Sharpening System Product Tour

Are there any products or demos you'd like to see in a YouTube video? If so, we invite you to EMAIL US and let us know what YOU would like to see!

The Highland Woodworker Web TV
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Fox Chapel Banner Fox Chapel Books Banner

Order any of the above 4 books from us during September/October for 33% off list price.

Click here for more details and to LOOK INSIDE each of the books:

Woodworkers Wanted for Submissions
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Woodworking 2015 Community Calendar

Woodworking happenings throughout the country.

Oct 10-11
Orange County Woodcarvers Show and Demo

Oct 17
Meet Roy Underhill at the Highland Woodworking Open House in Atlanta

Oct 24
Mississippi Pearl River Woodcarvers Guild 21st Annual Show and Championships

The American Chestnut Research and Restoration Project

CLICK HERE to submit your community woodworking event for possible inclusion in our next newsletter.


Meet our special guest
our Highland Woodworking
Open House
Sat., October 17, 2015

Come meet one of TV's biggest crowd pleasers, Woodwright's Shop host Roy Underhill, our special guest during our Highland Woodworking Open House in Atlanta on Saturday, October 17, 2015. Roy will be giving FREE hand tool woodworking demos all day long. Also on Sunday, October 18, he will teach a 1-day class, The Dovetail Variations .

CLICK HERE for more info:

Rikon 14" Bandsaw
Now only $699.99 while current supplies last

Our most popular 14" bandsaw is now on sale for the exceptional price of $699.99 while our limited sale quantity lasts. The Rikon 10-325 is powerful (1-1/2 HP motor), strong (steel frame construction), accurate (double bearing blade guides) and a genuine pleasure to use, with full 13" resaw capacity and a 5-year warranty. This is an incredible value.

CLICK HERE for More Info:

Vesper Double Square
Exquisite Vesper
Double Square

For years we have tried to persuade Chris Vesper to wholesale his famous tools to us so we could make them easily available to our customers. At last he has agreed to sell us one of his most popular tools, the Vesper Double Square. A true pleasure to use, the odds are great that this versatile pocketsized square will become the handiest tool in your shop.

CLICK HERE for more info:

Video of the Month
Brushless Sanders

Each month we're featuring one of our many spectacular Festool power tools and highlighting it with a video product tour.

Festool Brushless Sanders

This month we're featuring the Festool ETS EC Brushless Sanders with a Festool video demonstrating the benefits of these new sanders, including less fatigue, increased flexibility, better surface results, and more!

CHECK OUT the Festool Brushless Sanders:

Rikon 10" Bandsaw
Now only $199.99 while current supplies last

We've now sold more than a thousand of this little gem. We highly recommend it as your first bandsaw bought on a budget, or as a second bandsaw that allows you to avoid constantly having to swap blades on your main bandsaw. Right now it's extremely affordable while limited supplies last.

CLICK HERE for More Info:

NEW - Virtuoso DVD
The Tool Cabinet and Workbench
of H. O. Studley

Now you can purchase the DVD that documents the complete contents of H.O. Studley's famous cabinet, as written about in Virtuoso -The Tool Cabinet and Workbench of Henry O. Studley . In addition to documenting the cabinet's contents, the DVD also contains an interview with author, Don Williams.

CLICK HERE for more info:

Bessey K Body REVO Clamps SUPER SALE!!

Bessey K-Body REVO clamps are the best choice when gluing-up doors, panels and cabinet carcasses. We are offering Bessey's K Body REVO Clamps at special prices while supplies last. These special prices are only available in the clamps sizes listed on the product page and for clamps sold in pairs of the same size. Get yours before we run out!

CLICK HERE for more info:

NEW - By Hound & Eye
by Geo. R Walker & Jim Tolpin

By Hound and Eye

New from Lost Art Press, By Hound & Eye is an illustrated companion workbook to the authors' By Hand & Eye . Take the cartoon journey through the world of pre-industrial design geometry. It stars Journeyman and his pizza-loving dog, Snidely, as they untangle the world of points, segments, arcs and the three-dimensional world using nothing more than a compass, straightedge and pencil.

CLICK HERE for more info:

Sculptured Chair Plan Bundles
Special Offer on our Sculptured Rocker and Dining Chair Plans

For a limited time we are offering a sweet deal on our bestselling plan bundles for building Charles Brock's Sculptured Rocker and Sculptured Dining Chair. Purchase either plan bundle and receive for free an extra companion set of plans, each valued at $30. The bonus plan for the Rocker enables the chair to be built from 8/4 lumber instead of 10/4. The bonus plan for the Low Back Dining Chair enables you to instead build it as a High Back Dining Chair.

See the Sculptured Rocker Offer:

See the Dining Chair Offer:

Sjobergs Hobby-Plus Workbench with Cabinet
SAVE $195 on our Sjobergs Hobby-Plus Workbench with Cabinet and Accessory Kit,
Only $499.99

Here is an economical way to outfit your workshop with a useful workbench that comes complete with 4 drawers and a sliding-door cabinet for convenient storage of your hand tools. While limited supplies last during September and October 2015, this specially-priced offer also comes with an accessory kit that includes a bench holdfast, a pair of jaw cushions for gripping delicate work, a pair of aluminum jaw protectors, plus a steel anvil for metalworking.

CLICK HERE for more info:

Our Elipse Dust Mask is great for woodworkers

Elipse Dust Mask
For more than a decade we've searched for a worthy successor to the Dustfoe, the most popular dust mask for woodworkers that we've ever sold, but unfortunately was discontinued by its manufacturer. We've finally found it in the Elipse P100 dust mask.

Now Available in Two Sizes:

Flexible Arm Magnetic LED Work Light

Sale on Flexible Arm Magnetic LED Work Light Here's an excellent way to cast a powerful light wherever you need it in your shop. Switch-operated magnet mounts to any ferrous surface. 28" flexible arm allows easy aim.

CLICK HERE for more info:

WOOD SLICER Testimonial

Wood Slicer resawing blade Do I have a bone to pick with you! Your Wood Slicer 1/2 inch Resaw Bandsaw Blade that I just purchased works exactly as advertised. I followed your instructions and either I got lucky or they were correct but I couldn't help but smile as I resawed through lengths of some gnarly 6" red oak that gave the previous blade fits. I'm not sure it even needs a cursory pass through the planer as the cut is so clean.

Seriously, thanks for the great product. I have never written to compliment a company before but these cuts were sooo nice I had to let you know. — Steve

Get Yourself a Wood Slicer:

Wood Slicer Product Tour
the Wood Slicer in action

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