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Turning a Plant Stand
By Curtis Turner
Round Rock, TX

This project combines face grain and spindle turning, and creates an attractive piece of furniture. While this is a simple project, it is a bit more advanced than turning a bowl. This piece is intended as a plant stand, but could even be scaled up to make a small table.

CLICK HERE to learn how to turn a plant stand:

Chris Ramsay, Hat Turner

In this classic Highland blog post from 2007, Phil Colson recounts a demonstration Chris Ramsay gave at the Georgia Association of Woodturners where he turned a cowboy hat out of sugar maple.

CLICK HERE to read the post and watch a video slideshow of Chris turning the hat:

Crown 3/8" Pro-PM Bowl Gouge

Representing the highest state of the art, tools created with Crown's powder metallurgy technology are tougher, harder, & longer lasting than M2 High Speed Steel. Users report that Pro-PM tools hold their edges about three times longer than conventional HSS tools. Our special purchase allows you to sample a Crown powder metal gouge at 30% off the regular price.

Take advantage of this great offer on an amazing tool now:

The Better Pen Mandrel and the Better Pen Mandrel Saver

Tailstock pressure holds ordinary pen mandrels in place on the lathe. Trouble is, if you advance the tailstock too far, the excessive pressure can flex or even permanently bend the thin mandrel shaft. These two new products both eliminate that problem, allowing you to get more accurate turnings.

CLICK HERE to find out which one you're more likely to prefer:

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This month's column features several beautiful turnings done by Mike Peace.

Take a closer look at Mike's work:

wood finishing Sharpening a Round Scraper

To get a smooth finish on the inside of a hollow form, a round scraper does the job well, but you need to keep the round scraper round in order to get a smooth cut. Hand grinding the round scraper on the platform is less than ideal. The scraper gets hot and it is hard to hold and goes out of round.

Find out Phil's technique for sharpening a round scraper here:

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