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Class: Relief Carving for Beginners, Feb. 15-17

Relief carving is the art of creating depth and the illusion of three dimensions in a relatively shallow plane of wood. Sabiha will show you how to use various carving instruments to accomplish your design in a solid piece of wood measuring approximately 10" x 12" x 1-1/2".

Relief Carving for Beginners,
Feb. 15-17

Highland's Upcoming Woodworking Class Schedule in Atlanta

Many classes fill up quickly, so please register now to make sure we hold a spot for you.

Feb 9 & 10  Marquetry in Depth
Feb 15-17  Relief Carving for Beginners
Feb 20  French Polish Workshop
Feb 27  Table Saw Orientation
Mar 2  Hand Cut Dovetails
Mar 3  Bandsaw Basics
Mar 6  Finishing the Finish
Mar 9  Beginning Character Carving
Mar 10  Old Fashion Mortise and Tenon
Mar 13  Sharpening for Turners
Mar 17  Introduction to Chip Carving
Mar 19  Hand Tool Sharpening
Mar 21  Timber Framing
Mar 26  Hand Planes
Mar 27  Wood Coloring Basics

Classes Suitable for Teens

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NEW Knew Concept Saws

Lee Marshall has expanded his line of innovative premium saws to include a new 6-1/2" Coping Saw as well as the new Titanium Birdcage Fretsaw which comes in 3 sizes. Still extremely popular are his original 5" and 8" premium aluminum fretsaws. Incredibly stiff and strong, all these saws have featherweight balance for the utmost control.

CLICK HERE for more info:

SawStop PCS Tablesaw SawStop Tablesaw
An easy way to make your shop SAFER

Sale on Rikon Bandsaws and Planers

We offer among the lowest prices anywhere on these popular machines from Rikon.

CLICK HERE for more info:

Exceptional New Narex Rasps

After the huge success over the last few years of our Narex chisels manufactured in the Czech Republic, we are pleased to introduce these new Narex rasps that we feel are another excellent value.

CLICK HERE for more info:

Show Your Stuff!

woodworking tools

This month we are featuring this unique cabinet modeled after the front end of a John Deere tractor and built by Joe Rolwing.

CLICK HERE to see how Joe recreated this iconic symbol into a piece of practical furniture:

Show Us Your Wood Carving!
woodworking tools

Joe Butler estimates that he has had a knife in his hand since he was about six years old, and has been carving off and on ever since.

CLICK HERE to take a closer look at a few of his carved pieces:

Compound Tenons on the Tablesaw

By Jeff Fleisher
New Market, VA

cutting compound tenons It seems that every month there is another article in one of the popular woodworking magazines on building a tenoning jig for your shop. Each new jig has some new 'special' feature...T-slots, vertical clamps, x-y axis rotation around the center of the Earth and much more!! However, all these homemade shop jigs only cut straight tenons. What happens if you want to cut a compound angled tenon on the end of a board?

CLICK HERE for an extremely easy way to build a tenon jig to cut compound angled tenons on your table saw:

John Smith has a checklist of questions he runs through every time he is about to make a cut on the tablesaw.

CLICK HERE to read it:

Product Tours Available on our YouTube Channel!

Check out the great product tour videos on our Youtube Channel . Our good friend Morton demonstrates some of our most popular products for your benefit in these tours.

Click below to watch one of Morton's recent videos, showing how to use the Veritas MKII to sharpen your plane irons:

Using the Veritas MKII

Are there any products you'd like to see a tour of? If so, we invite you to EMAIL US and let us know what YOU would like to see!

This Month on
The Highland Blog

A Cabin Built with a Gransfors Bruks Axe

Sometimes we get notes from our customers telling us what they do with the tools they buy from Highland - we love to hear these stories and see what happens when you get a skilled woodworker together with a great tool. But the note we got this month from Tony Berardino blew us away! He built the cabin pictured using almost solely his Gransfors Bruks Carpenter's Axe.

Read a little bit about how he did it on the Highland Blog:

New Downloadable Project Plan:
Dancing Molly

Kevin McGuire, author of the popular book " The All-New Woodworking For Kids " provides a new project plan in each issue of Wood News.

The Dancing Molly is a traditional balance toy updated with a lively Flamenco figure.

Order your plan online by adding it to your shopping cart. After it has been processed by our staff, you will receive an email with a link to download your plan set in PDF form.

Check back next month for another great new downloadable plan from Kevin!

CLICK HERE for more info:

Woodworking Tool Catalog


Our latest
Woodworking Catalog is available to browse online!


Charles Brock has singled out the specific tools he uses when building his sculptured chairs and listed them in one place for easy selection by woodworkers undertaking this challenging project.

Check Out the Tools of the Trade:

 Inside This Issue
Compound Tenons on the Tablesaw
My Last Shop: Part 3 - Getting Bids
Ron Herman's Handsaws: DVD Review
Show Us Your Shop
The Down to Earth Woodworker
Q&A: Staining Very Dark Colors
Show Us Your Stuff
Show Us Your Carving
FINISHING: Fading Finishes
SAFETY: Tablesaw Safety Tips

Show Your Shop!
For this popular monthly column, we invite you to SEND US PHOTOS of your woodworking shop along with captions and a brief history and description of your woodworking. (Email photos at 800x600 resolution.) Receive a $50 store credit if we show your shop in a future issue.
Show Us Your Shop!
This month we are featuring Doug Marples' small bench 'shop', where he builds concert quality violins, violas and cellos.

CLICK HERE for an inspirational look at a craftsman making the most of his small space!

Instantly access any article ever published in Fine Woodworking

Our new DVD archive contains every article in the 230 issues of Fine Woodworking magazine published in the past 37 years. While supplies last, we'll also include free the boxed commemorative first issue of Fine Woodworking, itself a $19.95 value.

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Toggle Clamp Jig
Design Contest
Win up to $100 Gift Card

Toggle clamps have always been one of our favorite shop accessories. Because our customers have found they work so well for securing workpieces in their shop-made jigs, we've sold countless thousands of them over the years.
Here's an opportunity to win a Highland gift card worth $100, $50 or $25 that we'll award for the top designs submitted by our customers for shop-made accessory jigs that utilize one or more toggle clamps. Sketch out your design with a brief description of how the jig works and email it to us at jigcontest@highlandwoodworking.com. The winning entries selected will be featured in a future Wood News. Deadline to enter is Feb. 15, 2013.

Take a look at some of the entries we've already received!

See our selection of Toggle Clamps:

Our February Lie-Nielsen
Tool of the Month:

Lie-Nielsen Froes

The froe is a simple tool used for splitting straight-grained wood. In use, the blade is driven into your stock with a wooden maul or heavy mallet, and the handle is pulled or pushed as needed to direct the split's runout.

Read Lee Laird's blog post about the Lie-Nielsen Froes to learn more:

Take a closer look at the Lie-Nielsen Froes:

By Steven D. Johnson,
Racine, Wisconsin

Dusty & Jack...Two Heads Better

In A Tight Spot? – Get Skewed!

Making Do With The Tools You Have

Need More Woodworkers? –
Get Woodworking Week!

Want To Be A Woodworker? –
Learn To Keep The Peace!

In this month's column, The Down to Earth Woodworker offers some thoughts on skew chisels, and then discusses improvising with the tools you have when what you've got doesn't quite match up with what you need. Steve also has some great big picture ideas for how to expand the craft of woodworking just in time for Get Woodworking Week, as well as some little picture ideas for keeping the peace in your house once you become an avid woodworker. But first, he gives a quick rundown for his method for storing the Trend Airshield Pro dust shield he reviewed in last month's column.

CLICK HERE to read about the ingenious way Steve stores his Trend Airshield Pro, and much more!

Handsaws: Tuneup, Setup & More
DVD Review

By J. Norman Reid
Delaplane, VA

woodworking tools Ron Herman's 70-minute DVD picks up where his first - Sharpen Your Hand Saws - leaves off. It assumes you already know how to file and set a saw’s teeth and delves into a range of deeper topics. Herman begins by displaying a wide range of saws and briefly discussing their purposes, while correcting some misperceptions about them. He then demonstrates how to select a saw so it fits your hand and arm length, factors that will affect how well you'll be able to use the saw.

CLICK HERE to read the rest of the review:

Ask the Staff

Question:   I want to stain a piece a very dark color (brown/black). I have tried minwax oil base stains in ebony, dark walnut & mahogany and the result is grainy looking and still not dark enough. What can I use to solve this problem? I have read about tint dyes, etc... I would assume that I will have to strip this piece again. What do you recommend for stripping it?

Check out the answer HERE:

Finishing Wood
with Alan Noel
wood finishing
Fading Finishes

As much as we may like the sun ourselves, it takes its toll on the woodworking pieces we put all of our time and effort into.

Here are EIGHT tips to help keep the sun at bay:

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More Featured Products
• Amana 60t Crosscut Blade
• Earlex 5500HV Spray Station
• Festool TI 15 Impact Drill/Driver
• Festool XL DF 700 Joiner
• Lenox Carbide Bandsaw Blades
• Masterpiece Wood Finish
• Quick-Action Bar Clamps

Steel City Helical Planer now has carbide cutters

With its patented cutterhead design, Steel City was the first company to bring a helical-style benchtop planer to market at an affordable price. Our NEWEST MODEL now comes equipped with 26 CARBIDE CUTTERS for exceptional edge retention, lasting up to 20 times longer than HSS cutters.

CLICK HERE for more info:

High-energy Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event!

One of the most successful events ever held at Highland Woodworking took place Feb. 1 and 2, 2013. The Saturday portion in particular was an extremely high energy affair. A tremendous crowd turned out to meet Christopher Schwarz, the well-known woodworking author, former magazine editor and Lost Art Press publisher. Chris brought with him to show one of his signature tool chests, this one sized down to (barely) fit through the door of his red sports car. Inside were a full complement of hand tools ready to attack most any woodworking challenge. Chris also stayed around on Sunday to teach a hands-on class wherein a dozen woodworkers each built 3 inlaid wooden layout tools.

Rasp maker extraordinaire Michel Auriou flew in from France to demonstrate how he uses a hammer, punch and anvil to turn a slab of metal into an exquisite cutting tool.

Hand tool experts Curtis Turner and Ted Dishner came with huge displays of Lie-Nielsen planes, saws and chisels, putting them in the hands of everyone who wanted to feel the solid heft and superb cutting action of a Lie-Nielsen tool, while offering on-the-spot coaching whenever needed.

CLICK HERE to see our photo gallery of the Hand Tool Event and Chris Schwarz class:

Super-Tune a Handplane DVD

Chris Schwarz unveils the secrets to making any hand plane function better than when it was new. Whether you just bought a brand new Lie-Nielsen, or found an old Stanley plane at a flea market, Chris gives you the step-by-step to make your plane a smooth-cutting tool.

CLICK HERE for more info:

Save 33% on these select woodworking books from Fox Chapel Publishing

Check out these popular titles:
  • Learn to Turn, 2nd Edition
  • Hogbin on Woodturning
  • Bird-Friendly Nest Boxes & Feeders
  • Woodworker's Guide to Handplanes
  • Learn to Burn: A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Started in Pyrography
  • Woodimals: Creative Animal Puzzles for the Scroll Saw
Order these books from us during February 2013 and save 33% off list.

CLICK HERE for more info, or to SEE INSIDE each of these books online now:

Save on Innovative New Bessey Clamps

Check out the savings on these great new clamps from Bessey, including the REVO Jr. K-body clamps, Auto-adjust toggle clamps and Variable Angle Strap clamp.

CLICK HERE for more info:

The Versatile
Pattern Maker's Vise

What CAN'T this vise do? This may be the most versatile stock control device you've ever imagined.

CLICK HERE for more info:

Watch a video demo:

Want to be on TV?

Just email us a picture of yourself, standing with a favorite piece you've made , along with your full name, city and state where you reside. We'll select several to appear in the "I'm a Highland Woodworker" segment during each episode of our web TV show. Email your photo and info to: picture@thehighlandwoodworker.com

CLICK HERE for more info:
The latest episode of The Highland Woodworker Web TV features a tour of Woodworking in America and a visit to Craig Nutt's Tennessee shop.

CLICK HERE to see Episode 4:

Watch for Episode 5, premiering
in late February!

My Last Shop: A Workshop Series

woodworking tools By Michael Smith
Mountain Park, GA

In the third installment of Mike Smith's My Last Shop Series, Mike walks us through the process and details of getting bids for the building of his new shop.

CLICK HERE to get the details:

Now Save $75 on a Triton
Router Package Deal

Save $75 when you buy one of our excellent 2 HP or 3-1/4 HP Triton routers during January or February, 2013. In addition to the free Template Guide Set (a $54.99 value but supplies are limited) included in our package deal, after your purchase you will receive in the mail a $20 American Express Gift Card that you can use anywhere. Either router is exceptionally suited for mounting in a router table or used by hand.

CLICK HERE for more info:

WOOD SLICER Testimonial
Wood Slicer resawing blade

Finally had a chance to try your Woodslicer blade on a project and I am thrilled with the results. I am not in the habit of writing product reviews, nor of passing along glowing recommendations for very many things. I am not testing these under ideal circumstances... my bandsaw is over 40 years old, underpowered and often gives me the results that you might expect from such a machine. Your blades have brought me renewed confidence in resawing! It's the same saw, the same setup, and the same old woodworker... yet the results are significantly better. Every bit as good as your company claims them to be! And the single page, Practical Guide to Successful Resawing, that is included with the blades, is very helpful as well. Thank you for such a wonderful product.

— Tom M.
Markham, Ontario, Canada

Get Yourself a Wood Slicer:

CLICK HERE to watch a video tour of the Wood Slicer:

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