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Build a Continuous Arm Chair with Peter Galbert, Oct 31-Nov 6, 2011

Join us as Master Chairmaker Peter Galbert returns to Atlanta this fall for a 7 day hands-on class for building your own Continuous Arm Windsor Chair. The Continuous Arm is an icon of American furniture, and was an innovation in the development of the Windsor style and technology. This class covers all the building action, from tree to completed chair.

Build a Continuous Arm Windsor Chair with Peter Galbert
Oct 31-Nov 6, 2011

Highland's Upcoming Woodworking Class Schedule in Atlanta

Many classes fill up quickly, so please register now to make sure we hold a spot for you.

October 8
Antiques Show and Tell

October 12
Sharpening for Turners

October 15
Basic Bowl Turning

October 16
Turning Pens

October 18
Hand Planes

October 23
Hand Tool Joinery with Frank Klausz

October 25
Four Square Woodworking - Milling and Jointing Lumber

October 26
Finishing the Finish

October 28 & 29
Creative Furniture Design

Oct 31 - Nov 6
Build a Continuous Arm Windsor Chair with Peter Galbert

Nov 2 - Nov 8
Build your Sculptured Rocker with Charles Brock (in Columbus, GA)

November 9
Taming of the Skew

Nov 11-13
Relief Carving for Beginners

November 15 & 16
Build a Bookcase

November 19
Picture Framing Techniques

November 19
Spray Finishing

November 20
Basic Bowl Turning

November 22
Timber Framing

Classes Suitable for Teens

See a List of All Our Classes

View Slideshows of Classes

Show Us Your Carving!

For this new column exclusively devoted to woodcarving, we invite you to SEND US PHOTOS
of your favorite woodcarving projects along with captions and a brief history of your woodcarving. (Email photos at 800x600 resolution.) Receive a $50 store gift card if we show your carving work in a future issue!

This month we have a fantastic large-scale project carved by Travis Smith.

CLICK HERE to take a look!

How to make the Wood Slicer Blade even better!

By Andrew A. Sawyer
Chanhassen, MN

The wood slicer is the finest blade I have ever put on my bandsaw, but none of that matters if the machine it is on is dirty and out of whack!

Here's a step-by-step tutorial on cleaning, tuning up and maintaining your bandsaw, so your Wood Slicer will be able to do its best work.

CLICK HERE to learn how to make your Wood Slicer blade do its best work for you!

Three Rikon Bandsaw Models Are ON SALE at Highland Woodworking

Do you have a great idea for staying alert and helping to avoid injuries in your workshop? If so, we want to hear about it! . Receive a $25 store gift card if we feature your tip in a future issue.

This month's tip comes from Richard Jones, who has made a decision to reduce distractions in his workshop.

CLICK HERE to check out Richard's safety tip!

NEW! Windsor Chair Kits

Our affordable new Windsor chair kits will make a great weekend project for the intermediate woodworker. Each kit includes all the parts you will need plus clear instructions.

CLICK HERE to learn more:

Blogger Kelley O'Toole recently finished assembling one of our new Windsor Chair Kits. To read about her experience, CLICK HERE:

New Charles Brock DVD:
Shaping a Sculptured Rocker

After all the joinery has been cut and pieces assembled, the remaining challenge for the sculpted chairmaker is shaping it all into a work of art. This 110-minute DVD will show you how.

CLICK HERE for more info:

Save $100 on our Walnut Parts Kits for a Sculptured Rocker or Lowback Chair

Both kits are now on sale. Buying the kit makes these challenging projects far less daunting.

More info on Rocker Kit:

More info on Lowback Kit:

Our Popular Sculptured Chair Plan Bundles NOW ON SALE - Save up to $40
Our comprehensive plan bundles by Charles Brock provide all the information and inspiration you'll need to build these beautiful sculptured chairs. Each set includes DVD, book and full-size drawings.

CLICK HERE for more info:

Charles Brock has singled out the specific tools he uses when building his chairs and listed them in one place for easy selection by woodworkers undertaking this challenging project.

Check Out the Tools of the Trade:

The Highland Woodturner

Wood turning is the fastest growing part of the woodworking community. To give it the attention it deserves, we've started a new publication devoted entirely to woodturning.

Take a look at the most recent issue!

Sign up to receive The Highland Woodturner every month!

Want to join in? We invite you to SEND US PHOTOS AND STORIES of your favorite current turning topic.

Why Not Write an Article for Wood News?
We actively solicit contributions of editorial material (articles, photos and videos) from our customers and readership, and for every one we accept and publish in Wood News Online , we will compensate the contributor. We typically pay up to $100 (in the form of a store credit) for a thousand-word-plus article with photos.

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Show Us Your Shop
The Down to Earth Woodworker
Q&A: Gluing and Latex Paint
Show Us Your Stuff
Show Us Your Carving
Distressing a Finish
Safety Tip: Workshop Distractions
Making the Wood Slicer Even Better

Call for help

We received word today, Oct. 5, that renowned English woodworking author and teacher, David Charlesworth, was stricken with a serious illness while teaching in Germany and is in dire need of our assistance.

If you would like to help, please CLICK HERE for details.

Contest ends October 31

Show Your Shop!
For this popular monthly column, we invite you to SEND US PHOTOS of your woodworking shop along with captions and a brief history and description of your woodworking. (Email photos at 800x600 resolution.) Receive a $50 store gift card if we show your shop in a future issue.
Featured this month is Kevin Ruble's beautiful stand-alone workshop, located in Eureka, MT.

CLICK HERE for a look inside:

Lie-Nielson Tool of the Month:
The No. 60-1/2R(N) Low Angle Rabbet Block Plane

This month's Lie-Nielsen Plane of the Month is actually TWO planes! The No. 60-1/2R Rabbet Block Plane, a low-angle (12°) block plane with open sides and an iron shaped for rabbeting and trimming joints to perfection, and the No. 60-1/2RN, which include a great feature in the adjustable nicker that allows for a cleaner cut.

Lee Laird, of Lie-Nielsen Toolworks, recently wrote a post for our blog explaining the variety of tasks these efficient little block planes can accomplish.

Read Lee's post about the No. 60-1/2R(N) Rabbet Block Plane:

By Steven D. Johnson,
Racine, Wisconsin

Our Down to Earth Woodworker, Steven Johnson, has finished his shop conversion (well, almost finished) and is moving back in, while contemplating the removal of the rust that accumulated on his tools and somewhat on his own woodworking skills. Steve also goes into more depth on the french cleat (or pinch cleat?) system he uses for storage in the Down to Earth Workshop, as well as discussing his lighting choices and approaches for achieving an ideal lighting combination for your own shop.

Ready to see the finished Down To Earth Workshop? CLICK HERE to take a look!

Save $90 on Kreg's limited edition Toolboxx Complete Pocket Hole System

Kreg jigs make pocket hole screw assembly so easy to do that in many cases you can complete a project's glue-up without ever picking up a bar clamp. For a limited time, Kreg is offering a special edition kit that includes all the standard components of the Kreg K4 Master System PLUS a Micro Pocket drill guide and bit, a right angle clamp, an assortment of more than 800 Kreg Screws and a sturdy toolbox to keep it all organized. (For current owners of a Kreg jig, the Toolboxx and screw assortment are available separately for $59.99).

Now save $40 on our Earlex HV5500 Sprayer package deal

Earlex has juiced up the turbine motor on its ever-popular HV5000 Spray Station, creating its higher-performance successor, the Earlex HV5500 Spray Station.

CLICK HERE for more info

CLICK HERE to watch a video product tour of the Earlex HV5500

New Downloadable Project Plan: The Ramblin' Rabbit

This month we have a new downloadable project plan for a children's plaything designed by Kevin McGuire, author of the popular book " The All-New Woodworking For Kids ". This month we are featuring the Ramblin' Rabbit, a 4-wheeled bunny with a pair of carrots for the road, and articulated parts that your kids can position themselves.

Place your order online and after it has been processed by our staff, you will receive an email with a link to download your plan set in PDF form. And check back next month for another great new downloadable plan from Kevin!

Woodworking Tool Catalog


Our NEW FALL 2011 Woodworking Catalog is now available to browse online! CLICK THE IMAGE

Finishing Wood
with Alan Noel
wood finishing
Distressing a Finish

Distressing a new piece of furniture to appear old and used is an art in and of itself. I often see examples of this in the homes of my clients and can tell instantly that they are fakes because of the methods and tools used in the process.

Here are NINE tips and techniques you can use in your shop for a more natural effect:

Ask the Staff

Question:   I want to reface a painted cabinet. The cabinet is painted with latex paint and I want to glue thin pieces of wood over the paint. Is this possible? What preparation must I do? What glue would adhere to latex paint?

E-mail us with your woodworking questions. If yours is selected for publication, we'll send you a free Highland Woodworking hat.

November 4-6, 2011 at the Emporium Center in downtown Knoxville

Highland Woodworking Gift Certificates

An awesome present that's always appreciated by just about any woodworker anywhere.

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 22 Highland's FALL ONE DAY SALE features free demos by master cabinetmaker Frank Klausz

Join us at our Atlanta store Saturday, Oct. 22 from 9 AM to 6 PM for our annual Fall Tool Festival and One-Day Sale. Master cabinetmaker Frank Klausz will be at the workbench throughout the day demonstrating hand tools and joinery techniques. A number of our tool vendors will also be on hand giving entertaining and informative live demonstrations. We'll also do the famous SawStop hotdog demo twice during the day, at 11 AM and 2 PM.

It's a great chance to learn new woodworking techniques as well as save money on the many great deals we'll be offering throughout the store.

MAP to Highland Woodworking
All-Day Joinery Class with Frank Klausz on Sunday, October 23

Sign up now for a full day of in-depth joinery instruction taught by this master of handcut dovetails and other woodworking joints. You'll be sure to get all your hand joinery questions answered, as well as learn a thing or two about putting a keen edge on your tools.

CLICK HERE for more info on Frank's Sunday seminar:

NEW Leigh R9plus Joinery System Now in Stock

Leigh has introduced its most affordable dovetail jig yet, the R9Plus joinery system. Simple to use, it allows you to achieve Leigh precision and reliability when using your router to cut through dovetails as well as box joints.

CLICK HERE for more info

CLICK HERE to watch a video product tour of the Leigh R9plus

Save 10% on Select Festool Sanders, Accessories and Abrasives

Place your order now for savings during our Festool Sanding Euphoria Sale. Save 10% on 3 Festool Rotex sanders, 3 Festool random orbit sanders and the great Festool RAS 115 Rotary Sander/Grinder. Also save 10% on accessories and abrasives for these 7 models. Save even more by purchasing a Festool Dust Extractor at the same time as your sander, and begin enjoying a work environment that is virtually dust free.

More power, longer lasting batteries with these new Festool drills

Festool's traditional C-handle cordless drills have just been reintroduced featuring powerful, long-lasting Lithium-Ion batteries in 12 and 15 volt models. And just added to Festool's line of T-handle cordless drills is the powerful new 18 volt Lithium-Ion drill, which provides 265 in/lbs of torque in wood and almost 400 in/lbs of torque in steel. Festool's 12 and 15 volt T-handle models now come with new features as well.

CLICK HERE to see the C-Series drills:

CLICK HERE to see the T-Series drills:

Excellent buy on Festool's Limited Edition 98-piece Centrotec bit & driver set

This exceptional accessory set offers a wide variety of no-slip, quick-change drilling and driving bits and adapters. This is a limited time promotional item, available only while supplies last.

CLICK HERE for more info:

Festool Limited Edition 5-piece ZOBO Forstner-stye bit set

Available only while limited supplies last, this set of of Forstner-style bits will drill precise holes in wood at up to a 70 degree angle.

CLICK HERE for more info:

New Festool CT 48E Dust Extractor

Now joining the new line of Festool HEPA Dust Extractors is this huge unit that will quietly collect more than 12 gallons of dust and shavings.

CLICK HERE for details:

Product Tours Available on our YouTube Channel!

Check out the great product tour videos on our Youtube Channel. Our good friend Morton demonstrates some of our most popular products for your benefit in these tours.

Click below to take a look at a couple of our great videos:

Are there any products you'd like to see a tour of? If so, we invite you to EMAIL US and let us know what YOU would like to see!

Our European Workbench:
A Great Addition to Your Workshop

A good workbench is the keystone of any woodworking shop. You'll be able to approach your next woodworking project like never before with our AFFORDABLE new European Workbench. Solidly constructed from beautiful European beechwood, this bench will help to inspire and enable quality woodworking.

Show Your Stuff!

We invite you to SEND US PHOTOS
of your favorite woodworking projects along with captions and a brief history of your woodworking. (Email photos at 800x600 resolution.) Receive a $50 store gift card if we show your stuff in a future issue.

This month we are featuring the modified jewelry keeper that Don Dumais designed and built for his daughter.

CLICK HERE to take a look at Don's beautiful craftsmanship!

An easy way to navigate our entire highly-informative woodworking website.  

Check It Out!

Another Testimonial for the WOOD SLICER

I just had to write and let you all know that your saw blade is nothing short of PHENOMENAL!

I am new to "fine" woodworking and still trying to get my band saw dialed in. After spending literally weeks reading dozens of articles and watching several videos, I was still battling making clean, effortless and straight cuts like everyone else appeared to be doing on a routine basis. I installed your blade and set the saw up per your suggestions (that alone is worth the price of the blade) and then proceeded to cut my first piece of 1 3/4" solid maple. I made my first free hand cut and aligned my fence per the instructions and that was that.

My first full length test cut was at 3/32" and was as near perfect as I could tell. I then cut a veneer of 1/16" and it was as effortless as any cut I have ever made with any type of saw. I then sliced off an even thinner veneer the thickness of a business card at less than 1/32" and gave it to my wife for a book marker. Even she was impressed. Finally a saw blade (or any product for that matter) that lives up to its promises.


A very happy customer!
— Erich M.

See pictures Erich sent of the incredible results he got using the Wood Slicer:

Get Yourself a Wood Slicer:

CLICK HERE to watch a video tour of the Wood Slicer:

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